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Support your parents and share their burden, you are no more a child to be taken care of all the time.
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Being a teenager doesn't necessarily need to change your lifestyle. Instead of improving your lifestyle, improve your behaviors.
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The basic quality of a teenager is the boldness to choose their path and continue it with more stability.
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You are neither too young nor too old to keep your life at odd. Chill out and bring out the teen in you.
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Making my parents feel proud is not the goal, making myself proud for giving the best life for my parents is the goal.
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Run and run until the world finds you at the best place of your life.
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The best life decisions are given in your hands, either you can root them or rot them
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Walk in your path and never look back, the goal is not too far from your hands.
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Cute and innocent outside, broken and sad inside, smiling from outside, crying inside, this is Life.
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Teenage is the best and worst of all the phases of life, depending on you how you treat it!
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Dear self, you are enough for yourself, you don't need to fit into somebody else's parameters, you are best as you are.
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Millions of words in my head, still can't figure out what to say, and whenever I say it's the dumbest shit someone ever said.
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Sometimes dumb, sometime mature, it gets hard sometimes, but it's beautiful too, it's life and it's teenage too.
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Your attitude determines your victory, your courage is your weapon, fight back and go ahead!
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I love deeply, I hate strongly, I go through the worst and come back fiercely, you'd never know, nobody ever knows.
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Getting through the worst, and still fighting to achieve the best, life goes on, hustle carry on!
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I know you handle a lot; I know you suffer, but I know you will fight back and get stronger and stronger.
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Love at the first sight, crushes on every second awesome one! Oops This life is so confusing one!
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My life is conquered by me, I am the best version of myself, and that doesn't need to be proved.
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A crucial stage of life, we come across thousands of mood swings yet the most important phase, hashtag teens!
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Smiling faces, sleepy eyes, joyful days, sleepless nights. It's just all about a teenager’s life.
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Teenagers are like balloon, and love for them is like air, too much air can destroy them and too less air will make them weak.
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Teenagers have a vulnerable mental state, they need a lot of patience to be handled.
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Never change yourself for anyone, make your own rules, and be the emperor of your own kingdom!
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Life give you lemons, you turn it to lemonade! Problems come and go; you have to live your life to the fullest.
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Teenage equals a bundle of thoughts and ambitions, right efforts in the right direction at this age can literally turn to a wonderful life.
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We aren't an arrogant generation, we want some love, we want an embrace we can rely on, a hand we can hold and a heart that understands us.
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