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Time Quotes

What is time?

Time is the most important as well as the essential factor in everyone's life. It is because no one can buy the time. Science, Philosophy,religion and the arts have different definitions of time. 

According to science, it is a measurement, or what the clock face reads. It is also the subject of mathematical and scientific investigation.

According to religion, the scripture says,"My times are in your hands;deliver me from the hands of my enemies".

This is one of the famous quotes in the Holy Bible where the Israel king David asks God to help him and to deliver him from the hands of his enemies. 

And in Ecclesiastes King Solomon mentions the importance of time. He states that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

Time in arts which implies change and movement. movement and time whether actual or an illusion,are crucial elements in art. 

It may incorporate actual motion. But an artwork itself moves in some way, because time has many faces. And the above passages are some of it's explanations.

How students should manage the time in their life?

Time management is the supreme factor especially for students. It is a powerful weapon for them to get good marks and to do the study with focus. 

Time is the best friend for the people who use it in a proper way. The management of time leads to success of students in their career.

It leads them and shapes them into the path of discipline and sense of duty. It is a skill that enables the students to use their time effectively. Management of time is not the part of academic syllabus. People should learn it from their school days itself. 

It helps the students to get rid of stress and fear of exams.

Everyone has heard the word  EXAM FEAR from the students which is nothing but the anxiousness due to lack of time.

Many students think that since the schools or college time is over they can spend their time as they wish. That's sounds good! They need freedom but at the same time they should not waste their time by using social media such as,

1. browsing the internet for long time

2. chatting on whatsapp

3. posting selfies on social media.

4. playing games and the like.

They should not waste their time in the above activities beyond the permitted time. All those activities which do not add anything to the life of the students.

Let us take a look at a few steps on how students can maximize their time in their life. Some of the goals are,

They should have enough time to study the school or college lessons,

preparation for upcoming exams

They must have the time to spend with their family and friends.

Finally, but not least, they should have the time for physical activities or exercise.

Why time is so precious in our life?

Time is more precious because of the following four reasons.

1.It is because Eternity depends on it ; Edward tells us that it is precious because 'A happy or miserable eternity depends on the good or bad improvement of it'.

He also quoted " Time is precious because eternity hinges on how we spend it"

2. It is very short ; It is a famous saying that " Time is Gold". Yes! It is a gold or we can say it is more than gold. If you lost your gold, you can buy it later.

But if you lost your time, you can never buy them again. Hence we should make use of each second a useful second. 

3. Time is precious because we do not know how much time we have: we know that our lives are brief,but no one knows how brief our life will be.

he point is slightly different from the previous one .We know that the time is very short but we do not know how short it is.

To conclude, all we can do is ,we must do good things to others in this very short span of life time

4. Once the time is gone it's gone forever: Finally, Edward gives the valuable point which is ," Time is very precious because when it is past, no one can recover it".

The expression," God numbered our days" is biblical. 

This line tells us that God has given us an allotted number of moments. So we should spend our priceless time in a valuable way.

How to utilize time in a good way? -h3

Here I want to show you how we can make use of time with the following  steps, 

Determine how you spend your time

Write down your life goals

Prioritize  your goals

Plan  your time

Realize that your time is valuable

Start with your most important goals

Say no to time consumers

Reward yourself

Time quotes about friendship :

Here Winnie the Pooh says about the friend,"If you live to be 100,I hope I live to be 100 minus one day,so I never have to live without you". 

Finally he makes us to feel the importance of choosing the friend  in our life.

And there are many funny as well as brainy quotes given by Walter Winchell,Ernest Hemingway and so on.

Time quotes about travelling :

Like Winnie, Jim Bishop also quoted," Nothing is as far away as one minute ago" In this world everything  has it is own time.

Travelling is a wonderful thing. It teaches us a lot of things which are useful to our life.

Importance of spending our time with our relatives and with friends :

Spending time together helps to form everlasting connections with our family members. It will help us to show our love and care upon them. Especially,kids who play with families will get the better grades.

It will help you to grow healthy both psychologically and mentally.

There is nothing greater in this world than spending your time with your familie.

Time is a very essential part of life and we must follow time. The time makes us discipline and regular person in the life if we follow time properly. The time discipline provides us strength in the life and also it is helpful in gaining lots of monetary benefits. The time also acts as healer in medical crisis.


The time is one of the most precious aspects of the life. The time is a very big natural healer and if we follow the time than life will always be on the normal track. The time prevents any deviation in the life. The time provides us lots of prosperity and wealth. The loss and wastage of time is not a good trend and we must avoid it. The lack of time consciousness can cause severe losses in the life.


Time is the most valuable in this world, enjoy each and every second with happiness. Once that time and moment is gone it will never come back.


Some times time heels everything but the marks of the pain and memories teaches you a lesson I'm life.


Time is very important for any work. One has to complete task within time limit and enjoy the results. Time is money and do work as per time schedule.


When that moment and time is gone. It will never come again in your life. Don't loose it or waste it.


Time us a money and one has to go with it, it never stop for you, you have to walk with time and complete your within time limit.


Time is money and one gas to do whatever they are doing with time bound. You have to set goal and decide time limit to complete the task.


Time is money and everyone wants it. So cope up with time learn time management and finish it within time limit.


The most valuable thing is time. You never get that same Tims when its fine. So, don't loose it.


Time plays an important role in everyone's life. So walk with time and never ever spoil time in unnecessary things.


Time and tide wait for none. It is very important to give with time and enjoy life with great pleasure. It is a time that leads us to get success in life.


Time is very important for everyone. Manage time manage life. It is very important to do any work on time. Time help us in regularity.


Time is very important and one has to complete any work within time limit. That work will be appreciated by everyone.


Time is money and never west time. You have to cope up with time and adjust with all the situation.


Time is very important to submit work on a time limit. Then only you gain. Money is very important for everyone to live a healthy, happy life.


Time is very important and one has to cope up with time and finish a task on time and enjoy results. It is very good for everyone to go in time.


Time is very important for everyone so utilized your time and make something creative. It is good to spend time with a good person and do something new and utilize time and be creative


Time is money so utilize it taking care of it. It is so good to have a nice time you spend after some good activities. Engaged yourself in doing a creative activity.


The time is the best thing in life that you could give to someone.So please spend your priceless time for someone who is worth more than your time.


The time can alter your moods.If you are depressed you are living in the past and if you are anxious you are thinking about what is going to happen.So to be happy live the present moment and live a fruitful life.


Time never heals anything. You have to put your effort to heal yourself


In the noticeable terrible times, always remember regardless of how often it attempts to break you, you need to keep yourself strong and hang on to the conviction to make it happen.


Time is the most tricky word I have heard. It should be used wisely


punctuality gives perfection.


Good times never stay as well as bad times


Don't give up in any critical situation in your life, your day will come. It is just a matter of TIME.