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“The best thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said”

What is called the truth?

Truth, in philosophy, is the property of sentence, assertions, beliefs, thoughts that are said in ordinary discourse, to agree with the facts or to state what is the case.

Truth is the aim of belief. The opposite of truth is false. People mostly like truth. But they are not ready to be the truth. Truth is important for one’s life.

Truth characterizes a person to be good, wherever they are.  Truth is a term used to indicate various forms of accord with fact or reality or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.

The English word truth is derived from old and middle English. It also involves the quality of faithfulness, loyalty, sincerity and so on. Some of the theories explain that the word true and truth differ a lot.

In Hinduism, truth is defined as unchangeable.

Power of truth

Truth has many powers. For example, when we start to speak truth uninterruptedly for many years, whatever we speak thereafter will come true.

We should have the ability to judge a person whether his words are true or false. So that we can easily give judgment to any sought of problems.

Gandhiji’s uncompromising attitude towards truth is what made him a mahatma in his autobiographical work, ‘My experiments with truth’.

In the Ramayana, there are many instances where the miraculous power of truth is revealed.

In the Bible, all the words explained is believed by Christian people. They also follow it because it is true and trustworthy.

In Sanskrit, truth stands for Sathya. There is another word as ‘Satyameva jayate’, which the word itself explains the power of truth. 

Nature of truth

Truth makes our life to be in a good and better path. There are many theories to explain the nature of truth. Truth cannot be defined easily.

Truth can be understood by his or her own experience. Some of the people have a nature of speaking truth and some have the nature of speaking lie to everyone.

If one experiences a positive vibration in truth, he/ she will continue to speak the truth because truth has a great attracting power and it is one of the nature of truth.

Truth Quotes

Don’t struggle to not let the truth out As you can’t door the truth with any strength
truth quotes 15
Truth is stable that never have to meet a change Because truth remains same with its beauty
truth quotes 14
If you find truth among others In the society then believe Still humanity exist
truth quotes 13
Truth won’t be stolen from anyone So be with truth and be for truth
truth quotes 12
Show the trust among people According to their worth Because there is no one worth for it
truth quotes 11
Trust is the face which is lack in this society With the heavy demand among person
truth quotes 10
The true face of every person won’t be Shown always when there exist different mask
truth quotes 9
The relationship is the one build with trust That never destroyed with lies after all
truth quotes 8
Truth could not be financially supportive But the truth has the support of heart ever
truth quotes 7
Trust is the only rare option to find in this world If you find the truth hold it with care
truth quotes 6
Make the habit of telling truth in every situation. Now a days telling truth is great thing. For a truth there is no death. For a lie there is no victory at all. Be truth full person.
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Break hearts while saying truth but never break trust with lies
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Remember whoever you think is alive will one day hate you completely.
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Break hearts with the truth but did not make fool of anyone in telling them shits
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Only two people will talk behind your back. The one who knows you totally And the one who doesn't know you at all.
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