We often misinterpret unhappiness as a weakness but in reality, everyone at various points in life has to experience this emotion and there is absolutely no way of escaping it. What matters most is how you deal with this unhappiness and the initiatives you take to prevent it from turning into depression. It is also necessary to accept and heal from such sentiments and not underestimate its impact. Reading unhappy quotes can sometimes be helpful because they have a way of making you feel that you aren’t going through this phase alone.


What to do when you feel unhappy?


There are times when we feel so detached with our own emotions that it becomes impossible to understand the reason behind reacting strongly to one particular sentiment. Therefore, it is important to figure out the things that make you feel sad. Once you have done that, it becomes less complicated to look for a way to change this dejection into a more positive emotion. Do not hesitate to accept or ask for help and support. Believe that the phase you are going through won’t continue forever and the lessons you get to learn will only make you stronger.


What are some unhappy quotes that convey sadness?


  1. Nothing makes sense when you are drowning in unhappiness. Even the brightest star will appear as a tiny spot.
  2. The more I try to get rid of this grief, the stronger it holds me down.
  3. I never thought being sad would become such an ordinary emotion. But sometimes you have to embrace sorrow until it decides to part ways with you.

Unhappy Quotes

Life is not about making others Happy. Life is all about sharing Your happiness with the others.
Unhappy Quotes 105
If you are in a room of sadness You yourself are responsible for that If you want to get out of it Then change yourself
Unhappy Quotes 104
Never trust someone’s words so much That they can make fun of you…….
Unhappy Quotes 103
If you are happy from outside then somewhere you are broken inside
Unhappy Quotes 102
If you want to see yourself happy, Then you have to do something That you are yourself from him, No one else will come to do it for you.
Unhappy Quotes 101
Rain is my best friend because it always cooperate with me while crying.
Unhappy Quotes 100
My sadness is due to my love, I don't feel anything without him.
Unhappy Quotes 99
Don't let anyone win upon you lest he should snatch your happiness.
Unhappy Quotes 98
If you are doubtful of everything then you always stay unhappy.
Unhappy Quotes 97
After having deception this world looks like a lock-up to me.
Unhappy Quotes 96
The unhappy moments are when someone left you alone after make you convinced that he is yours.
Unhappy Quotes 95
I am not feeling anything now, it seems that there is no heart in my chest.
Unhappy Quotes 94
Don't let people play with your heart, it's very painful when they go by break the heart.
Unhappy Quotes 93
Being unhappy is a sign of weakness, the person who is strong always stay happy.
Unhappy Quotes 92
Don't be unhappy if someone has left you, may be he doesn't deserve you.
Unhappy Quotes 91
Reality of nature is very beautiful but the reality of man breaks the heart.
Unhappy Quotes 90
A man can fight with everyone but when dispute is inside his home then he breaks.
Unhappy Quotes 89
Every pain of life is lesson to you, if you learn something to it then you will come on the right track.
Unhappy Quotes 88
The most painful situation is then when you can't express your inside pain and no one cares of it.
Unhappy Quotes 87
Why I love him so deeply that nothing seems good since he has gone.
Unhappy Quotes 86
Sometimes a person neither breaks nor remain as before, just forget to smile
Unhappy Quotes 85
Don't leave someone by thinking that he has nothing to give you, think that he has nothing to lose besides you.
Unhappy Quotes 84
The highness of sadness is that sometimes i have to wear black specs to hide my tears.
Unhappy Quotes 83
We fight anyone till when we have some hope of love, when hope is finished the fight is also finished.
Unhappy Quotes 82
Behind every beautiful smile there is a deep sadness.
Unhappy Quotes 81
Neither he was guilty nor I am, just luck has decided our separation.
Unhappy Quotes 80
There is a strange connection between happiness and me, wherever I go happiness left that place before.
Unhappy Quotes 79