We often misinterpret unhappiness as a weakness but in reality, everyone at various points in life has to experience this emotion and there is absolutely no way of escaping it. What matters most is how you deal with this unhappiness and the initiatives you take to prevent it from turning into depression. It is also necessary to accept and heal from such sentiments and not underestimate its impact. Reading unhappy quotes can sometimes be helpful because they have a way of making you feel that you aren’t going through this phase alone.


What to do when you feel unhappy?


There are times when we feel so detached with our own emotions that it becomes impossible to understand the reason behind reacting strongly to one particular sentiment. Therefore, it is important to figure out the things that make you feel sad. Once you have done that, it becomes less complicated to look for a way to change this dejection into a more positive emotion. Do not hesitate to accept or ask for help and support. Believe that the phase you are going through won’t continue forever and the lessons you get to learn will only make you stronger.


What are some unhappy quotes that convey sadness?


  1. Nothing makes sense when you are drowning in unhappiness. Even the brightest star will appear as a tiny spot.
  2. The more I try to get rid of this grief, the stronger it holds me down.
  3. I never thought being sad would become such an ordinary emotion. But sometimes you have to embrace sorrow until it decides to part ways with you.

Unhappy Quotes

Being unhappy or sad or devastated are the feelings that I have ever known.
unhappy quotes 25
I befriended the devil because god might not be able to end my sorrow.
unhappy quotes 24
I feel like I am cursed to be unhappy for all eternity.
unhappy quotes 23
Every breath I take makes me sad. Waiting for this sadness to end.
unhappy quotes 22
No one can break my heart anymore. It has already become particles of dust now
unhappy quotes 21
I am not unhappy anymore because I have accepted that being hurt is all I will ever be
unhappy quotes 20
The road life ended in search for happiness but destination never arrived
unhappy quotes 19
I have accepted this suffering as a part of me that will be with me forever
unhappy quotes 18
They say there is an end to everything, why can’t I find an end to this pain
unhappy quotes 17
I am afraid that this sadness will not end even after my life ends.
unhappy quotes 15
Broken dreams hurt more than broken bones, trust me I have had both
unhappy quotes 14
Life has been so harsh that if I ever get happiness I might not believe it
unhappy quotes 13
I think fuel runs through my veins because at every little spark, my heart burns
unhappy quotes 12
I do not trust anyone. At least this way no one can break me anymore
unhappy quotes 11
Happiness is a blessing that never really showered upon me
unhappy quotes 10
I used to love rains, now they just make me sad
unhappy quotes 9
Death does not scare me anymore. It will be much better than what I have gone through
unhappy quotes 8
The only time I will truly be happy is when I leave this life
unhappy quotes 7
I stopped living long time ago. Now I am just surviving.
unhappy quotes 6
My only constant companion is my loneliness rest everyone leaves.
unhappy quotes 5
Death is peaceful, it is life that truly hurts us
unhappy quotes 4
Once broken from inside, heart never fully recovers
unhappy quotes 3
I walk the road of loneliness so I cannot be hurt anymore
unhappy quotes 2
Even the smallest things that can make you unhappy when you are not happy from within.
unhappy quotes 1