When you are a part of a group assignment in school or a team project at work, working unitedly is a vital part of life. When we communicate and engage with people, we get to learn about the intricacies of survival through their point of view. Unity teaches you crucial lessons on trust building, cooperation and helps in the progress of our society. Reading unity quotes can be a good initiative to get yourself more informed about the significance of togetherness.


What is your thought on unity in diversity?


We use the expression, ‘Unity in Diversity’ to portray the concept of harmony and union between different individuals or groups in spite of having dissimilar beliefs and ideologies. This impression is even more relevant in a country like India. This is because irrespective of belonging from diverse religions, ethnic backgrounds and communities, we exist as a peaceful united nation.


Do you believe unity is strength?


‘Unity is Strength’ basically conveys the principle that we can overcome any challenging situation if we stand as a united front rather than trying to succeed alone. We often associate unity with the term strength as it gives us courage, hope and motivation. 


What are some interesting unity quotes?


  1. The success of a nation depends on the unity of its people.
  2. You can always acquire something great from teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Your weakness becomes your strength when you are united with the right people.
  4. When you unitedly fight for a good cause, there is nothing but victory at the end.
  5. To bring change, we need to be united.

Unity Quotes

Unity is like a bunch of branches, which cannot be broken by any chance
Unity quotes 135
Unity comes by an individual, it is not something casual.
Unity quotes 134
Unity makes you believe in your nation's strength and power, unity makes blessings shower.
Unity quotes 133
Unity makes our hearts clear and our soul wise, its our only choice.
Unity quotes 132
Unity should be separated from charity, Because unity is a kind of surety.
Unity quotes 131
Unity is best of all, and is needed for an hour, its like the best agents who are under cover.
Unity quotes 130
Unity is like a power savior drink, because it makes us stronger like a brick.
Unity quotes 129
Unity is not a joke, it’s a mindset we should adopt.
Unity quotes 128
Unity unites our soul and heart till the end, it makes us stand.
Unity quotes 127
Unity is a dose which every society needs today, because unity makes our day better everyday.
Unity quotes 126
Working together with love is unity, It takes you fat away from insanity.
Unity quotes 125
Unity makes us the best human because its makes us believe in a permanent solution.
Unity quotes 124
Unity is like some strong pill, it can never take you to the path of kill.
Unity quotes 123
Unity comes by joining hands and minds, it makes you very kind.
Unity quotes 122
Unity is very pure; it is like a cure.
Unity quotes 121
Maybe we can do everything by unity, because it gives us immense power and clarity.
Unity quotes 120
Unity is like having everything together, togetherness is best forever.
Unity quotes 119
Maybe if we spread the feelings of unity it takes away everyone’s insanity.
Unity quotes 118
Unity is like an angel, which saves you from danger.
Unity quotes 117
Unity is like a star, which is strong near and shines from far.
Unity quotes 116
Unity means having our souls and mind together, it tied us together forever.
Unity quotes 115
You can achieve anything by unity, Unity is not any charity.
Unity quotes 114
Being united means having strength, Unity makes you strong my friend
Unity quotes 113
Unity is like a bunch, which no one can cross over, unity is like a saviour.
Unity quotes 112
Unity comes by heart, its powerful from the start.
Unity quotes 111
Unity is best of all, it saves you from every fall.
Unity quotes 110
If you have unity nobody can break it, Unity makes us powerful and hit.
Unity quotes 109