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H1: Veteran Day quotes to show appreciation


Veterans Day honours all veterans of the United States military. Veterans Day is an excellent time to thank the courageous men and women who have served our country and also express our gratitude for all they have done for us and our freedom.


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November 11th was originally chosen to commemorate the end of World War I. It has since evolved into a national holiday honouring America's veterans. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for us to show our love and appreciation for our nation's heroes.


What do you say on Veterans Day?


Wondering what to tell a Veteran on, veterans’ day? Would it be best to say thank you or happy veterans’ day? The best conversation would be to just be normal and then thank them or appreciate them for their services and try to listen to their accomplishments.


What should I write for Veterans Day?


If you are writing a card, letter, message or post for a Veteran, you could use some famous veteran day quotes instead of the plain and simple thank you. You could also add some quotes about veterans by presidents. For example: “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” –Winston Churchill


What are veterans quotes?


We've put up a compilation of veteran quotes to assist you express gratitude to those who have served in your community. You'll discover a meaningful way to honour their service and sacrifice on Veteran's Day or any other day.


What to say to a veteran thank you quote?


To thank a veteran you can use several kind words that would warm their hearts. God bless and thank our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future.

Veteran Day Quotes

Veteran day is full of blessings and respect that needs gratitude to be deliver by heart.
Veteran Day Quotes 75
Our rights and freedom is a blessing by veterans who gave us this life.
Veteran Day Quotes 74
Our freedom is the gift by the veterans on veteran day.
Veteran Day Quotes 73
We must salute the ones who took care of us being alive till now.
Veteran Day Quotes 72
Veteran day is the precious day which is earned with hard work and is respected with lots of respect.
Veteran Day Quotes 71
Veterans are like our parents they took care of us like them and still they are taking care of us.
Veteran Day Quotes 70
Veteran day is the best part of our life, it makes us realise that we have this beautiful life
Veteran Day Quotes 69
God gave us life and veterans maintain its happiness.
Veteran Day Quotes 68
Veteran day reminds us the value of being alive and the importance of life that we have.
Veteran Day Quotes 67
Veteran day is a part of our most important days which remind us of being alive.
Veteran Day Quotes 66
Let’s come together and celebrate this respectful day of togetherness together.
Veteran Day Quotes 65
We are breathing because of the veterans fighting for life on the borders day and night.
Veteran Day Quotes 64
We would never have this wonderful life without the sacrifice of the veterans on this veteran day.
Veteran Day Quotes 63
Veteran day is the day of gratitude, and respect is its root.
Veteran Day Quotes 62
A veteran is a symbol of loyalty towards his nation. That what veteran day is all about.
Veteran Day Quotes 61
Veteran day reminds of those who fought for their country keeping their own lives at risk.
Veteran Day Quotes 60
A veteran donates his life to their country and they fight hard to protect it. Veteran day is their day.
Veteran Day Quotes 59
Veteran day is for the responsible veterans who treat us like their own children.
Veteran Day Quotes 58
May god sprinkle his blessing over all the veterans on this veteran day.
Veteran Day Quotes 57
Veteran day is celebrated to respect the veterans for whom their nation became their mother.
Veteran Day Quotes 56
Veteran day comes to remember the veteran’s sacrifices, their love towards nation.
Veteran Day Quotes 55
Veteran day is all about gratitude towards our veterans who sacrificed their everything for us.
Veteran Day Quotes 54
Veteran day is most proud day, it gave us our rights we must say.
Veteran Day Quotes 53
On this veteran day let’s show our veterans that we are with them no matter what.
Veteran Day Quotes 52
Our gratitude is necessary to motivate our veterans on this veteran day.
Veteran Day Quotes 51
Veterans sacrifice for our well being, veteran day is all about the country’s happiness and freeing.
Veteran Day Quotes 50
We must celebrate this veteran day happily, all the veterans are our own family.
Veteran Day Quotes 49