Voting Quotes - It is a human right that allows people to choose a good leader to lead their country. The voting age is 18 years old. Every citizen has the right to vote for their preferred leader. Voting is a country's most important right. An election is the process of picking a government representative to serve the people. People of all ages will not be eligible to vote, and one must be mature enough to grasp a country's circumstances in order to vote. As a result, the country's voting authority has established an 18-year-old voting age. In India, those who reach adulthood at the age of 18 are eligible to vote. Every session, elections allow us the power to choose the finest leader. instead of using ballot boxes, computerized voting machines were used to prevent electoral fraud. Ink is used to draw a vote mark on the index finger after voting.


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Voting Quotes

Leave all your work on rest today , let's vote first today.
Voting quotes 77
Take out the time to vote, Never avoid it its your responsibility.
Voting quotes 76
Will take literacy from house to house, Voters will be made aware.
Voting quotes 75
Casting your vote freely is the identity of an aware and intelligent society.
Voting quotes 74
Never vote for the one who distributes liquor, sarees and notes.
Voting quotes 73
Our vote is priceless, never value it for some lowly person.
Voting quotes 72
Never be fooled by banknote or influenced by others, press the button carefully.
Voting quotes 71
Listen the call of democracy, Do not lose your right to vote.
Voting quotes 70
Neither by opiate nor by banknote, Your fate will be change with the caste of your vote.
Voting quotes 69
On this voting day, Cast your Vote Guilelessly and choose your candidate sensibly.
Voting quotes 68
Cast your Vote fearlessly, You will be the sampler definitely.
Voting quotes 67
Voting right is the foundation of democracy by which we can shape our future.
Voting quotes 66
Voting in democracy at least gives you a choice to choose your candidate freely.
Voting quotes 65
In democracy, We vote, We win, it's that simple formula to make an impact on the future.
Voting quotes 64
The right to vote is the highest right in democracy on which all other rights are leveraged.
Voting quotes 63
Voting is the invaluable and powerful tool we have in democracy ta make a change without violence.
Voting quotes 62
Don't lurk in democracy! Take your part and inspire your community to vote.
Voting quotes 61
Those who think one vote will not do good but one more to think that one vote will do no harm also.
Voting quotes 60
In democracy every single vote counts it's weight and it matters the most.
Voting quotes 59
In Democracy elections belong to the people and votes belong to their voice.
Voting quotes 58
Voting is the strongest way to convey your message to the system in democracy.
Voting quotes 57
Voting day is the day when the citizens lined-up to make their voices heard.
Voting quotes 56
Bitching on someone's back is cheap, Voting is a freak; take it to the polls.
Voting quotes 55
A man without a vote is a man without responsibility of their own rights.
Voting quotes 54
Voting is the greatest form of citizen participation to protect and strengthen our democracy.
Voting quotes 53
Your vote Emphasizes your pride, take it or leave it. it's up to you.
Voting quotes 52
It is Very important to vote. people sacrificed their lives for this right.
Voting quotes 51