Wisdom is the ability to make sound decisions based on knowledge. To make the best decision, one must be patient and calm. Wisdom enables people to find a solution to a difficult issue and distinguishes them from others. Even though one does not have perfect understanding of everything, wisdom can help one learn new things quickly. Making the proper choices leads to a life that is free of difficulties.


Wisdom allows us to perceive the beauty and true power of nature as well as mankind, and it allows us to see people's good deeds. This, in fact, is the true means of being close to God. It is something that cannot be learned; it is the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong, the capacity to choose the right and eliminate the wrong. A wise man is a person who possesses wisdom.


Follow the wisdom quotes provided to become a wise man.

Wisdom Quotes

The day will come when all your experiences will lead you to the path of truth and wisdom.
Wisdom Quotes 115
Get up and rise sunshine, Because you are wiser enough to shine.
Wisdom Quotes 114
Wise mens don’t doubt their capabilities, Because they believe in their abilities.
Wisdom Quotes 113
Wisdom comes along with the maturity and experience in your life, Getting wiser day by day is the best decision of life.
Wisdom Quotes 112
No matter where the destiny takes you, If you are wiser enough you don’t need anybody’s review.
Wisdom Quotes 111
Love, live and laugh, because life is like that, Make good choices by being wise and mature.
Wisdom Quotes 110
Wise man knows what is right, That doesn’t mean they don’t do the wrongs, Because being wiser is actually to learn.
Wisdom Quotes 109
Wisdom is a way to live a life without expectations, Because expectations hurts, so just accept and don't expect.
Wisdom Quotes 108
Life is about having many experiences as much as we can, But before taking any step ahead, choose things wisely.
Wisdom Quotes 107
Being wise is not about being boring, Look what you want, and the rest you are ignoring.
Wisdom Quotes 106
The day will never end, but the life will go on, Enjoy it while it last by having better and wiser decisions.
Wisdom Quotes 105
People come and go from life, this is the reality, But being matured and wise will give you clearity.
Wisdom Quotes 104
Sometimes its hard to make decisions, But choosing things with a wise mind will give you every reasons.
Wisdom Quotes 103
No matter how hard problems are, face them calmly and wisely, And make yourself cheery
Wisdom Quotes 102
When life gives you every way to rise and shine, Be wise and choose that life and make everything fine.
Wisdom Quotes 101
If you fail, get up again and learn, Because being wise is the smartest choice.
Wisdom Quotes 100
Wisdom comes from life’s experiences each day, Wiser thinking and decisions will give hope of ray.
Wisdom Quotes 99
People make things better by being wise, Just get up, make your life and just rise.
Wisdom Quotes 98
Life experiences makes you wise day by day, Make better choices everyday.
Wisdom Quotes 97
Wiser decisions leads to the best life, Live every moment, by being alive.
Wisdom Quotes 96
Be wise today, get wiser by tomorrow, Because wisdom comes with success.
Wisdom Quotes 95
Humans with wise thinking put their mind in the emerging ideas rather then waiting for the circumstances.
Wisdom Quotes 94
Honesty has taken birth from the wisdom only, Wiser people don’t make themselves feel lonely.
Wisdom Quotes 93
All the wisdom of this universe was once the thoughts of someone.
Wisdom Quotes 92
Knowing the inner you is greatest of all, Because wise thinking will never let you fall.
Wisdom Quotes 91
Its wiser to talk and clear the doubts, Instead of living in slience and making fouls.
Wisdom Quotes 90
The foolish people thinks themselves to be wise, But a wiser human knows and think like a fool.
Wisdom Quotes 89