Wisdom is the ability to make sound decisions based on knowledge. To make the best decision, one must be patient and calm. Wisdom enables people to find a solution to a difficult issue and distinguishes them from others. Even though one does not have perfect understanding of everything, wisdom can help one learn new things quickly. Making the proper choices leads to a life that is free of difficulties.


Wisdom allows us to perceive the beauty and true power of nature as well as mankind, and it allows us to see people's good deeds. This, in fact, is the true means of being close to God. It is something that cannot be learned; it is the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong, the capacity to choose the right and eliminate the wrong. A wise man is a person who possesses wisdom.


Follow the wisdom quotes provided to become a wise man.

Wisdom Quotes

The strongest weapon is patience and the richest wealth is wisdom.
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Greatest wisdom comes from finding the miraculous in the common.
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Wisdom is the courage that turns dreams into reality.
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Be smart enough to forget the mistakes and remember the lessons.
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Imagine where you want to be and believe what you want to have, you are half way there.
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A wise person is the one who listens, thinks and observes. Real life is lived in ourselves, not external.
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First step towards wisdom is: understanding you. Believe the inner voice, move with hope and confidence.
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True wisdom is having the power to put knowledge and time for a right purpose.
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Scholarship educates and says well said. Wisdom trains and says well done.
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Knowledge ends with a degree. Wisdom continues to teach until you live.
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A wise man finds light from the darkness. The foolish waits for the darkness to disappear.
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Wisdom doesn’t come from knowing it comes from seeking.
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Knowledge without wisdom is like a tree that bears no fruit.
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Patience to listen is wisdom. To act wisely is intelligence.
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The wisdom of the wise and experience of the ages derives real maturity.
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