Witty Quotes - A number of studies claim that being witty and having a good sense of humor often means that you have a good intellect. A witty person possesses a natural aptitude for utilizing words and ideas in a quick and creative manner so that it can create humor. Moreover, being around funny people also feels nice as they happen to be great entertainers. To develop your wit, you can go through witty quotes, read more books or have clever banter with your friends.


Acquiring information should be the first step to sharpen your wit. In order to become a part of interesting conversations, feed your mind with facts and gather knowledge by some quotes given below

Witty Quotes

Start learning to be witty sometimes, because its not any crime.
Witty quotes 100
Don’t just sit around and do nothing, Because you have to be smart enough to get everything.
Witty quotes 99
If you had expectations learn to be a giver too, it may be harsh on you but you have to be witty new.
Witty quotes 98
success is measured by your hard work, It may sound witty but its true.
Witty quotes 97
I am a multitasker, I may speak witty words but I am my own master.
Witty quotes 96
Life is a master of accepting everything, A witty human will always enjoy the fling
Witty quotes 95
A true friend may speak witty words but they will.always stay, because they nobody can care that way.
Witty quotes 94
Life is pretty simple don’t make complications, a witty mind will never live in imaginations.
Witty quotes 93
Witty minds will make their ememeis their friend, because they know how to end
Witty quotes 92
Once a witty thinker will always be a good bringer.
Witty quotes 91
Choose a career you like the most, because it will not give regretts at any cost. Be a witty speaker sometimes.
Witty quotes 90
A wise person will listen to many fools, but a witty mouth will do what they want and still rules.
Witty quotes 89
Witty word’s are not easy to digest, it directly makes an good arrest.
Witty quotes 88
When you get a chance take it and ahut yp your mouth, be sometimes witty enough, to make yourself tough.
Witty quotes 87
Cremate me when I die, because atleast I can fit into something while I try. Its so witty but seems pretty.
Witty quotes 86
Maybe it feels witty, but sometimes bad memories brings the cherries.
Witty quotes 85
If one human beings its theology, thousands will laugh out there.
Witty quotes 84
Sometimes saying witty things is necessary, for some people it’s mandatory.
Witty quotes 83
The world hate changes but it’s the only reason which brings progress.
Witty quotes 82
Don’t fool yourself, rule yourself use your mind in witty way.
Witty quotes 81
A witty mind once said, “ be a chess player not its pieces”.
Witty quotes 80
People who say witty things can make their own way.
Witty quotes 79
Witty persons knows the difference between fools, they use them as a tools.
Witty quotes 78
Witty people can be more trustworthy, they are very worthy.
Witty quotes 77
Saying things in a witty manner, is a art of being catchy like a banner.
Witty quotes 76
People who are witty are great leaders, Because they are actually a mind readers.
Witty quotes 75
Witty people can handle situations according to their organisation.
Witty quotes 74