Witty Quotes - A number of studies claim that being witty and having a good sense of humor often means that you have a good intellect. A witty person possesses a natural aptitude for utilizing words and ideas in a quick and creative manner so that it can create humor. Moreover, being around funny people also feels nice as they happen to be great entertainers. To develop your wit, you can go through witty quotes, read more books or have clever banter with your friends.


Acquiring information should be the first step to sharpen your wit. In order to become a part of interesting conversations, feed your mind with facts and gather knowledge by some quotes given below

Witty Quotes

A people must laugh by your wit, otherwise it’s not a wit, it’s a kind of insult, be mindful
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Have a attitude of comic, enjoy life, make others too happy and live happily with much enthusiasm and wit
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As many legends of comedies dies but their Witty behavior and moments always be remembered
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Smile more, worry less, have fun & have bun and best tea
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Smile with wide open mouth don’t bother of your yellow teeth's
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Be a Witty person the place where that’s suitable not in all places even if you’re, you loss your respect
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Be a fun person but leave the place if you disrespected and loss your value
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Being Witty sometimes bring you insults too, get ready to get insults too
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If you fall always get up, otherwise people laugh on you but they Never help you to get up
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Love to have fun it gives you a longer life, make you look younger than the kid
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Don’t always find for Right things, see on left too best things happen
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Wit a best remedy to stress and gives peaceful life, wit a blessings, those who have that quality they never be worthless
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Follow your heart but not everything that’s nasty because nasty things go to scrap
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The more Witty we are others degrade us, too much of anything a bad, live with self respect
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Wit also has a meaning, that’s loved by people, without meaning it’s not be enjoyable
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Don’t argue with fools it’s worst thing even that shows that both are fools, because you too do the same as fool do
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Everyone fears of ghosts, because people believes it’s bad but humans are worst more than ghosts
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Be cool as “B” the letter B is cool, the reason behind is, it’s the letter between A & C, AC
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Everyone thank God while they sneeze, what happen when God sneeze that’s the main question
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Wit a awesome thing it save people’s from many wrong decisions in life it shows the right way, a power
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Make yourself wiser than your problems to face that with confidence and have a fun full life
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Have fun, enjoy the life you live, enjoy the problems you face, enjoy the obstacles
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Fun creates Positivity it gives new energy and gives strength to forget sadness
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Wit a talent not everyone have, those who have sensitive nature they’re mostly Witty and loves to have fun
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Wit a joy of life, everyone loves fun people they need their surroundings to be Witty
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