Women Day Quotes - It is observed on March 8th to recognize, women things, women achievements, women patience, women love, women devotion, and caring. National Women Day, is a day set aside to honor women who work hard every day to achieve their personal and professional goals. women are the strongest and women has all the powers. they play a various role, they must feel proud about themselves.


The World's Most Beautiful human is a Women, Because she is the only one who gives birth, eats, grows, and helps us survive in the world, the most important function of a woman is that of a mother. Women work hard both professionally and individually to raise their kids, and women are emotionally and physically strong, so we should honor them every day, not only on Women's Day.


Lets praise and appreciate every women by sending them these beautiful women's day quotes

Women Day Quotes

Behind every man's goodness and progress, there is always a woman.
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The welfare of a country cannot be imagined without a woman. Happy Women's Day.
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A woman is the most beautiful creation of God, we bow our heads in respect to you all.
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She sacrifices her life just to live for others, don't ever curse her, she may be someone's mother. Happy Women's Day
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Forgetting all her pain, she smiles, yes she is called a woman, she gave you life.
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A woman always has a sense of love and compassion in her heart.
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There are many forms of you women, you are the miracle of God women
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A respectable woman is the identity of a great society.
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Women are the real architects of a society. Happy women's day
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Whatever is beautiful, auspicious and benevolent has been conceived in the form of a woman. Happy Women's Day
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Women make life beautiful, they also spread happiness in every sorrow.
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Woman, you are a soft flower rose, you are the embodiment of power, you have many forms, you are a miracle of God.
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Another name of care, sacrifice and devotion is a woman.
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You are the world of happiness, You are the ocean of love, you are the golden rays of sun. Happy Women's Day.
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Never insult a woman, always give her respect. Happy Women's Day.
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The embodiment of power is you, the whole world is from you. Happy women's day.
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Let's pledge to repay to every woman for her sacrifice and love. Happy Women's Day.
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Hiding every sorrow in my heart, never let smile fade from pz my lips, Yes I am a woman and I'm a beautiful reality of this world.
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Most of the responsibilities of running this universe are carried out by women only. Happy Women's Day
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She is the form of Sarasvati, the embodiment of Lakshmi, when the tyrant increase, she's the form of Goddess Kali.
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She hides her pain and smiles from outside, she's a woman, she's the other name of tolerance.
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Each house pray to a woman in the form of any Goddess, than it should be done outside the houses too. Happy Women's Day
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Women who recognizes their power, success touches their feet. Happy Women's Day.
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A woman can never be weak, she has the courage to run the whole family.
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A women is the other name of strength and patience.
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The existence of women fills the world with colours. Happy Women's Day
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