Best Motivational Quotes On Allah, Spread Positivity To All

Believe in God, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - Allah quotes

Allah Quotes

“Allah will bring you what you wish for in the most beautiful way.”

Allah is the name of God in Islam. Though Allah is the pivot of the Muslim faith, three themes preponderate in the Quran.

They are Allah is the Creator, Judge, and Rewarder, he is unique and inherently one and he is omnipotent and all-merciful.

Allah is the “Lord of the Worlds,” the Most High; “nothing is like unto him,” and this in itself is to the believer a request to adore Allah as the Protector and to glorify his powers of compassion and forgiveness.

Who is Allah?

Say, “Who is the lord of the heavens and earth?” Say, “Allah.” [Quran 13:16]

Allah is an Arabic word which literally means “The God”.

The term Allah is not only used by Muslims but also by Arabic speaking Christians and Jews in reference to God demonstrating thereby the followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism believe in a common monotheistic creator, and also a great surprise for many people to learn. 

Messenger of Allah

“Oh, Allah make me humble and grant me the ability to control my anger. For indeed I am among the impatient and without you, I am lost. Ameen.”

Muhammad is the messenger of God. Muhammad (May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) was known as Allah's Prophet and Messenger to deliver and convey (in verbal and practical) the last and final message (revelation) of the Lord of the Worlds to Mankind.

According to Islamic doctrine, Muhammad was a prophet, sent to present and confirm the monotheistic teachings preached previously by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets.

Quotes about Allah

Allah is the God of peace. Hence, most of the quotes of Allah are about peace, prayer, dua, forgiving, helping and a lot of good things. So if want to send some good wishes or blessings to any of your friends, obviously you can choose from our collection of Allah quotes. 

Alhamdulillah, “We are blessed by Allah in so many ways. Always remember that be grateful.”

One who believe in Allah realize the power of God in their community. He is everywhere like other God. Never one should think that any God is different. He helps everyone.


Allah is great he understand everything without telling anything. Hope always good for betterment of society. Never misunderstood the power of Allah. He is everywhere.


Praise be to Allah, the lord of the universe, Allah make us beautiful, every one have a different face they are best in their different Beauty. We can't criticize others of their mistakes because if Allah wills they are the best in front of us . Allah guide us the right path .Aameen.


Allah is the one who is showering blessings upon every person at everytime which we can't understand about faith and mercy.