Best Spiritual Quotes On God, Believe In God

Believe in god, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - god quotes

God Quotes

In all these years of your life, how many times have you experienced God. If you are gonna tell me 'No, I haven't experienced even once'.

Then all that I want to say is that, experiencing God, is not necessarily meeting him face to face or going on a pilgrimage to the most religious place to feel his presence. NO. 

One can experience God in everything, it's just that you need to realize that its Gods way of expressing his love. Short quotes on God.

Trust is all that God expects,good or bad, happy or sad, just surrender your life to him,for he can do wonders. Believe that God can do the mightiest of things from nothing. "For with God nothing shall be impossible" 

God is One

God is the creator of the whole universe and we are just his creations. Even though he is our creator he did not create us to be his puppets, He gave us the entire World to live and rejoice.

He gifted us with a free will, giving us an option to live in a way that we chose it can either be good or evil.

It is his greatest desire that we, being the children of God, walk in a way that is pleasing in His sight but he does not impose it on us for he is a gracious and compassionate God ,slow to anger and abounding in love and forgiveness. Believe in God Quotes.

As King David sings in psalms, "Lord, there is no good thing apart from you,'' We do not have anything to boast in our lives because it is God who is in control of our lives.

if God is not the captain of our ship, then we cannot be sure whether we will reach the shore safely. If God is with us then there is no need of fear, for it is He who will carry us. Believe in God Quotes.

Existence of God

In these days of scientific and technological advancement, people are apt to say that God’s existence is just a myth, just a belief for the weak minds to dwell upon.

It is just a belief that, only the uneducating and unlettered people treasure, and that there is no one of the name and fame of God. Spiritual Quotes on God.

Yes, it is undoubtedly true that God cannot be seen by any human being and since we should believe in the adage “seeing is believing”, there is no room for the belief that God is an entity.

With this backdrop we are very rightly asking the question about the fact or fiction of the existence of God. God Quotes on Hope.

Belief in Spirituality

'Seeing is believing' is something ridiculous, we haven't seen love and affection but still we believe that love exists and affection exists, When you believe that love exists, why don't you believe that God exists??  

For those who do believe in His existence, there is no need for a proof. If this is the crux of the problem it is proved that the existence or non­existence of God is purely a matter of faith.

If you believe God is there then He is, but if you believe that God does not exist then it becomes so. God Quotes on Belief.

God Quotes

Everyone will change around you, only God will remain the same.
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Dedication and devotion are what is required to attain God completely.
God Quotes 34
When you overcome all your obstacles, thank God for this.
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Worshiping God gives us the strength to fight against all odds.
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Only God can provide you moksha. Have faith in him.
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Only in front of God peace can be found there.
God Quotes 30
God has created this beautiful world. Just imagine how creative he is.
God Quotes 29
Trust God! He does everything with a reason behind it.
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God knows everything and he is always there to help us out. Just call him by heart.
God Quotes 27
By God’s grace, everything in this huge world is possible.
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Every morning the sun rises to tell us that God still loves the world.
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Every new day is a gift from God.
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God loves us all
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Everything God does have a purpose.
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God always does what is best for you.
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Have faith in God, He will solve all our problems.
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God’s ways are beyond our thinking.
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Be grateful to God for everything you have.
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Believe in God’s plans for you.
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God works in ways we cannot imagine.
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God is my delight,my success,one who leads me to the right path
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God's decision is always beautiful than our decision.
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God has sent man to succeed on earth, not to fail.
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Try to bring the ability that God has given you to the world with all your efforts.
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For we walk by faith and not by sight because we know God has our back.
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What you give others, it is given to you with interest and capital to you whether it is love or betrayal.
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We plan but God decides.
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