Inspirational Islamic Quotes About Peace And Hope

Believe in god, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - islamic quotes

Islamic Quotes

Asalaam Alaikum!! Searching for Islamic quotes? Yes! Islamic quotes are powerful for blessing, for karma and for peace.

Undoubtedly these quotes has a positive effect. Indeed, find all Kind of Islamic quotes in our website.

What is islam?

Islam is a religion of people who worship lord Allah and Mohammed, the messenger of God. People who follows Islam are called Muslims. 

In Islam, God is one and unique. Muslims won’t do prayers in front of any statue. Because, In Islam, there are no images of God. In addition, if someone gets any images in mind about how God looks, they should ignore it.

Islamic quotes

Islamic quotes are mostly from the holy book of Quran. When we are sad, happy, excited or anything, these quotes will help us to express our emotions. Islamic quotes says about peace also.

Obviously, these quotes suites for non muslims too. 

Islamic quotes for marriages

Marriages in Islam are called as Nikkah.

If we want to wish someone, something good and bless them for a happy and blissful life on their wedding (Nikkah), there are many meaningful and blessing quotes in our website. 

Islamic quotes for wounded soul

It is easy to get hurt in life because of certain things. Would you believe? When it comes to get healing, many of us find loneliness, music and quotes as a medicine.

Islamic quotes are very good at healing. Particularly, most of the quotes spread positivity and gives us a feeling of refreshment in life.

Islamic quotes about karma

When we bounce a ball towards a wall, the ball will bounce back towards us. The same way is how karma too acts. 

In Islam we don’t have karma, we have kifarah. What you give, you’ll get back; If you are good, good will come to you and vice versa, for Allah(SWT) is fair.

When someone wrongs you, be patient, for Allah(SWT) have plans for them too, you know.

Clearly, find more quotes on karma below.

Islamic quotes about peace

According to Quran, one of God’s name is As-salaam, which means peace. Firstly, God Almighty advises his messengers to practice forgiveness and to share their ideas.

Undoubtedly, sharing ideas will reduce tensions and problems in between people.

“Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace and not violence”- Pervez Musharraf.

Islamic Quotes

A person slain while defending his wealth is a shaheed as is a person slain while defending himself.
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Speak the truth, even if it is better. Because Allah love them those who live a truthful life.
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Beware of two much laughter, for it will deaden the heart and take away the light on your face.
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Ya Allah, connect our heart to what please to so that we can know the meaning of ISLAM i.e PEACE.
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The beauty of Islam is that you can pray for them whom you don't even know, and your prayers are excepted.
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if you think about sin then you are making your faith corrupted.
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I was tired of everyone here telling me what to believe about Islam and decided to find out for myself.
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Islam teach us the journey of life with trust, faith and forgiveness everyone.
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Islam seek no one in the world is permanent, he or she born for death compulsory.
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Islam seek no one in the world is permanent, he or she born for death compulsory.
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ALLAH is aware of our doings.
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Allah never gives to any soul more troubles than their capacity. He is the one who saves you from all miseries.
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No matter how much wealth a man would have, if his life is without Allah his life is worthless.
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Never show your tears except اللّٰہ (allah).
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Do not lose hope do not be is there with hopes
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