Inspirational Islamic Quotes About Peace And Hope

Believe in god, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - islamic quotes

Islamic Quotes

Asalaam Alaikum!! Searching for Islamic quotes? Yes! Islamic quotes are powerful for blessing, for karma and for peace.

Undoubtedly these quotes has a positive effect. Indeed, find all Kind of Islamic quotes in our website.

What is islam?

Islam is a religion of people who worship lord Allah and Mohammed, the messenger of God. People who follows Islam are called Muslims. 

In Islam, God is one and unique. Muslims won’t do prayers in front of any statue. Because, In Islam, there are no images of God. In addition, if someone gets any images in mind about how God looks, they should ignore it.

Islamic quotes

Islamic quotes are mostly from the holy book of Quran. When we are sad, happy, excited or anything, these quotes will help us to express our emotions. Islamic quotes says about peace also.

Obviously, these quotes suites for non muslims too. 

Islamic quotes for marriages

Marriages in Islam are called as Nikkah.

If we want to wish someone, something good and bless them for a happy and blissful life on their wedding (Nikkah), there are many meaningful and blessing quotes in our website. 

Islamic quotes for wounded soul

It is easy to get hurt in life because of certain things. Would you believe? When it comes to get healing, many of us find loneliness, music and quotes as a medicine.

Islamic quotes are very good at healing. Particularly, most of the quotes spread positivity and gives us a feeling of refreshment in life.

Islamic quotes about karma

When we bounce a ball towards a wall, the ball will bounce back towards us. The same way is how karma too acts. 

In Islam we don’t have karma, we have kifarah. What you give, you’ll get back; If you are good, good will come to you and vice versa, for Allah(SWT) is fair.

When someone wrongs you, be patient, for Allah(SWT) have plans for them too, you know.

Clearly, find more quotes on karma below.

Islamic quotes about peace

According to Quran, one of God’s name is As-salaam, which means peace. Firstly, God Almighty advises his messengers to practice forgiveness and to share their ideas.

Undoubtedly, sharing ideas will reduce tensions and problems in between people.

“Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace and not violence”- Pervez Musharraf.

Islamic Quotes

The test of a scholar is not by the abundance of his knowledge, but one should see how he avoids temptations.
islamic quotes 115
There is an estimate of reward for everything, but there is no estimate of the reward of patience.
islamic quotes 114
Think well and speak well because Misbehavior and bad language There are two such defects that are human They turn every perfection into a fall.
islamic quotes 113
Be sincere in your intentions and you will find Allah's help with you..
islamic quotes 112
A person is fortunate in his fate because he is pleased with Allah ،He is actually happy and Agreed.
islamic quotes 111
Failure is often seen when we break the rules of our God to achieve success...
islamic quotes 110
Imam Ibn Juzi said: Give to Allah what He likes, He will give you what you like. When He calls you, be present, then when you call upon Him, you will find Him to help you.
islamic quotes 109
Be afraid of the displeasure of the Lord, whose attribute is that if you speak, He hears, and if you keep it in your heart, He knows.
islamic quotes 108
The soul rushes towards evil and has to be dragged towards goodness
islamic quotes 107
Hazrat Imam Ali B. said: Meeting people with a smiling face removes hostility...
islamic quotes 106
A fool is like a drum, but from inside is empty.
islamic quotes 105
Pride is a disease that can affect anyone, even the weakest.
islamic quotes 104
Admitting your mistake is an excellent trait, it develops humility in the self and weakens arrogance.
islamic quotes 103
Beautiful buildings turned into ruins ,It is proof that we will be forgotten too.
islamic quotes 102
Although there is fear in the truth, it is the cause of salvation, and in the lie there is satisfaction, but it is the cause of destruction.
islamic quotes 101
People will appreciate your morals even when you have wealth and power. No matter how well-mannered a poor person is, people consider his morals to be his compulsion.
islamic quotes 100
Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique said: Life should be simple and short, and there will be no great trouble in reckoning on the Day of Resurrection.
islamic quotes 99
Bad company is more deadly than poison, always avoid it.
islamic quotes 98
Hazrat Ali's command Asking God is courage,If you give, then mercy and if you don't give, then wisdom.It is humiliating to ask the creature If you give, then favor; If you don't give, you will be angry.
islamic quotes 97
Backbiting is the last resort of a weak man.
islamic quotes 96
The weakest person in the world is the one who cannot control his desires. Hazrat Dawood .
islamic quotes 95
Don't think why Allah doesn't accept your dua immediately, be thankful that He doesn't punish your sins immediately.
islamic quotes 94
Achieve success with knowledge, your name will always be on the page. People die, scholars do not.
islamic quotes 93
Allah's grip removes man's arrogance in one blow.
islamic quotes 92
Do good deeds and pour them into the river. When life storms, these virtues will become a seat" Ashfaq Ahmed sahab
islamic quotes 91
Malik Hazrat Luqman's advice to his son! O son! It is better to go after a lion than to go after a woman! Therefore, if the lion comes back, life will be gone! But if the woman turns back, faith will go away!
islamic quotes 90
Always try to connect, not to break! Be a needle in the world, not a scissors because a needle unites two and scissors divides one!
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