Best Prayer Quotes For Self Motivation And Hope

Believe in god, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - prayer quotes


“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”

What is a prayer?

Prayer is defined as the act of praying to god. It is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to god. God will accept the one’s prayer only he or she prays with a pure heart or soul.

Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication.

In the narrow sense, the term refers to an act of supplication or intercession directed towards a deity(a god), or a deified ancestor. It is also defined as the communication process.

This process is a communication with god like person to person phone call. Prayer is a direct line to heaven.

People think prayer as a Complicate one. but it is simply talking to god. If we pray to God with confidence and belief,  he will deliver us what we need.

Prayer is a common process, it is not related to certain religion. If God believe us, he will give us what we need. Prayer is done according to the mind of the people. 

Some people pray for more time and some people pray to god within a short span of time. There are more religions and God are there. 

Praying to god matters a lot instead of seeking god. 

Benefits of prayer:

Praying brings closer to ourselves as well as higher power we pray to. This makes one concerned for a greater good rather than just improving selflessness.

Prayer helps to regulate your heartbeat, making it stronger and less stressed. Though it is a mental and spiritual activity, prayer has been known to speed up the recovery of heart following heart attacks.

Prayer helps our body heal more efficiently and age more smoothly. All this put together helps the body heals faster and live longer.

Prayer helps us be humbled. Through prayer we come to know how large the world is and how minor our problems are. 

When praying positively, we tend to see a change in our overall attitude making us feel happy both mentally and socially. Prayer helps us to open ourselves to forgiveness.

It is important that we are all humans who commits mistakes and that praying helps us forgive for those past mistakes made so that we can move on.

Day-to-day issues affect our stress levels and mood. Daily prayer keeps religious people looking forward to better tomorrow. By being thankful for everyday  to come praying changes one’s outlook on life as a whole.

How to pray?

Praying to god is a simple thing. Just start talking to god like we would talk to our friend. Firstly, thank him for everything he’s given us.

Secondly ask God to forgive our sins. Pray to God for the welfare of others and for ourselves. Pray for the holy spirit and commit our day into God’s hand.

We should pray to god before going to bed to make the next day in a good manner. And make the things which happen in the day a complete success. 

In the bible, there is a verse that “ whenever you want call me and I will answer”. So praying to God has no time limit. We can pray for more time.

We can pray alone in a secret place and in the public. God will hear the prayer which we do alone. And that prayer will be valuable.

Reading the holy books is one of the major items in prayer. 

Because reading holy books itself partly satisfies the prayer. One of the ultimate things  is believing in God in a whole heart.

Prayer Quotes

Don't worry about tomorrow, Jesus told that live today, tomorrow may be worried.
Prayer Quotes 40
There is kingdom of heaven for those Who believe in God and Jesus.
Prayer Quotes 39
Who follow the path of Jesus, Never being misguided.
Prayer Quotes 38
Always do good for others, You will be appreciated by Jesus.
Prayer Quotes 37
Life is a journey of ups and downs, Live it according to Jesus.
Prayer Quotes 36
Jesus will always be at the top, Because of justice.
Prayer Quotes 35
If you have Jesus in your heart, You will never walk alone.
Prayer Quotes 34
Jesus shows the right way to those, Who are seeking for it.
Prayer Quotes 33
Jesus is the lord of our life, He is like a lamp in darkness.
Prayer Quotes 32
It's Jesus who embraced me with power to achieve my goals.
Prayer Quotes 31
God understands the prayers of every silent heart
prayer quotes 30
A prayer with full of faith is always better than the prayer that’s of showoff
prayer quotes 29
I Pray with full heart that gives meaning of life
prayer quotes 28
Prayer a different kind in every different religion of different Gods
prayer quotes 27
Pray, pray, pray to lead happy life
prayer quotes 26
Prayer strengthen the way of life
prayer quotes 25
Prayer brings me confidence to the soul and body
prayer quotes 24
Prayer a best remedy to every problem
prayer quotes 23
I Pray for peaceful life, prayer gives satisfaction
prayer quotes 21
Prayer avoid distress, prayer solve difficulties
prayer quotes 22
Never lose your hope, There is always a weapon called "Pray".
prayer quotes 20
There is no need to do a long pray, Short pray is sufficient if it is done by sincere heart.
prayer quotes 19
May your pray work like a miracle, May God always listen to you.
prayer quotes 18
When you pray deeply to get something, God knows that, He always give you the best.
prayer quotes 17
Prayer is a way to connect to God, It should be by the deep of heart.
prayer quotes 16
When every power is become unsuccessful, Then pray is become the power.
prayer quotes 15
Always pray for others before yourself, Pray is accepted of those, whose heart is free from jealousy.
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