Prayer Quotes - Page 2

Do not stop praying because your prayers were unanswered. Practice large-heartedness and keep offering prayers without expecting anything in return.
Prayer Quotes 100
Praying keeps us humble as it makes us believe there is someone more powerful than us.
Prayer Quotes 99
You do not always need an idol in front of you to pray. All you need is to have a belief in God.
Prayer Quotes 98
Sometimes praying does not give you anything except the peace of mind.
Prayer Quotes 97
Religious people do not pray to ask for something. They pray to be connected to God.
Prayer Quotes 96
Have faith God gave you many trails to test you don’t loss hope.
Prayer quotes 95
Prayer made me successful, strong and make life easy and satisfied
Prayer quotes 94
When life is stressful and you don’t know the reason just pray
Prayer quotes 93
You’re worth than you believe you’re strong than you do, stay strong.
Prayer quotes 92
You live only once if you live praying God that’s the great life you have
Prayer quotes 91
Silent prayers too answered if that’s with true faith
Prayer quotes 90
Stay positive, have faith prayer changes things
Prayer quotes 89
I love being sensitive because that takes me to God closer and makes my prayer powerful
Prayer quotes 88
I pray because God has created me and Gave me what I want no matter what others say
Prayer quotes 87
God the great healer the most merciful the most graceful, pray and ask for help
Prayer quotes 86
No need to worry for the problems you have just surrender your problems to God
Prayer quotes 85
Prayer a way to live peaceful with Positivity and awesomeness
Prayer quotes 84
Prayer is the greatest blessings not everyone can pray
Prayer quotes 83
Pray God not only in difficulties but in happiness too
Prayer quotes 82
Prayer is the thing to thank God and to satisfy him for his bounties
Prayer quotes 81
Live, enjoy, be thankful and pray
Prayer quotes 80
Prayer is answered if that’s pray with heartful than mindful
Prayer quotes 79
Don’t ask anything from anyone, God is only who don’t betray and gave flawless
Prayer quotes 78
Submit your will to God than humans he’s the best
Prayer quotes 77
A day without the God’s thought is useless I think
Prayer quotes 76
I love prayer, prayer makes my mind and heart Young
Prayer quotes 75
We can get God’s power and grace by prayer
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