Motivational And Spiritual Quotes To Enlighten Your Soul

Believe in god, he will do wonders in life. Religion may differ but god is one - spiritual quotes

spiritual quotes

" Being in love is easy but with spiritual is tough."

What it means being spiritual?

A spiritual person always cares for everyone around him/her. Where it gives the real meaning of our life. It gives a bigger thought of being fond to something which others couldn't follow.

Not everyone can be spiritual because nowadays loving yourself itself is a toughest part. Loving others as we love ourselves is being spiritual.

By helping others with full heart will help you to become a spiritual person in life also. Because it is not easy to be a spiritual person. Learn to forgive others no matter what happens, forgiveness will heal the pain. Only few are Masters in spiritual.

"Being spiritual is not bad as anything this is important."

Importance of spiritual

Being spiritual is important because it gives you the fullest amount of pleasure. Spiritual person always stays calm and connected to nature that's why being spiritual is important.

Spiritual person help others so that they can receive help from anyone at their need. That's why spiritual person is hard to find, they won't live a luxurious life but they live a happy life.

Caring about other people as you care for yourself is needed in this cruel world. Spiritual person never disrespects you for any reason, because they know how to treat people in a nice way.

Only spiritual people treat people in a nice way, because others couldn't follow that.

Spiritual person always follows the word of God and never goes against God's word. That's why those people are considered to be spiritual.

"When you feel that you are not spiritual person then God will show you, your spirituality."

Religious and spiritual are same

Religion is something which a person follows God and obeys to the holy scripture. But spiritual is something different from being religious, where spiritual person loves the other and helps the other.

Religious is also considered as a set of practices and beliefs. But spiritual has nothing to do with religion, spiritual is important that it takes an individual person's life.

Spirituality is something which we can feel in our hearts but in religion it is not like that. That's why everyone needs to be spiritual but not religious. 

"Spirituality which it comes from your deep heart, where religious comes from society."

Spiritual Quotes

Spirituality is all about healing and feeling.
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Face critical situation with god's love eternal love which endures forever
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Spirituality is not about any religion neither about Gods and rituals.
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You discover your religion , when you perceive the true purpose of your soul.
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Spirituality is becoming a temple and letting God reside in you.
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Courage can only face battles Faith can conquer battles! "Believe"
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Don't think one who listens is a fool. One who listens has more knowledge than one who speaks.
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Everyone takes the name of God. But by taking the name of God, God cannot be found.
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Satang has great glory - it reduces sorrow and cuts sins and improves life.
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Duty is religion, love is God, service is worship, truth is devotion.
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God is hungry for love, God will be happy if you feed food to the hungry.
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All religions are one in spirit, because they all speak of one God and place, prepared for us, Heaven.
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Religions are different roads, that are followed by different people, that lead to one destination God.
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God is a good listener, you needn't shout, He would listen even the silent prayer of a sincere heart.
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Faith is like walking in as you are. It is being stripped down to your bare essentials and simply saying, here I am.
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