Best Children's Day Quotes To Inspire Kids

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Children's Day Quotes

When and why is children's day celebrated?

Children's Day is celebrated each year on November 14 in India as a tribute to the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru fondly called 'Chacha Nehru' was born this day, which is November 14, 1889.

'Chachaji' or Jawaharlal Nehru was known for his love for children which is why his birthday on November 14 is celebrated each year as Children's Day. On Children's Day, chocolates and gifts are usually distributed among children, while schools organize various events such as competitions, music and dance performances to celebrate the day dedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru's fondness for children.

How do we celebrate children's day?

Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 every year when schools organize various programs and different activities for children. The day is made special for children through types of programs they choose to do. Teachers make it a point to participate in the children’s day function to cheer up the kids and make their day memorable.

Earlier, in many schools, the teachers and the staff arranged parties and picnics for children on the day so that they can enjoy to the fullest. Sometimes the schools opted for fancy dress competition where children were free to choose any public personality of their choice and dress up like him or her.

Chocolates and other food items are distributed to children during lunch hours. Classrooms are decorated with frills, colored papers, good pictures to make the room look attractive.

Nowadays, with a change in culture, children are more into cartoons and animated movies. They are digitally sound and thus the schools take up initiatives to take them out for a movie or allow them to play video games. The selection of food items has also changed.

Children are more into pizza and burgers, and so schools make it a point to offer them with there likable on this specific day. Classrooms now are decorated with 3D pictures and other wall hangings that are sure to attract the small ones

Good thoughts for children

Telling your child ‘A good thought of the day’ in the morning, every day can ensure that he/she does not start the day on the wrong foot. It is also a proven motivating tool for kids.

You can even put up a board in your child’s room, and change it every morning to reflect the mood and the thought for your child to think about during the day. Thoughts like this can motivate the children.

With the new day comes new thoughts and new strengths.

I think I can. I know I can.

You’re off to great places. Today is your day.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Your attitude determines your direction.

Children's Day Quotes

Teach your children the values of life before education. Behavior and attitude speaks more than money.
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Making your child believe in themselves is the best thing to teach them. Happy Children’s day.
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Every child is the greatest gift to the family sent by god. There is nothing more precious than a parent to a child. Happy Children’s day.
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Children’s mind is like wet clay. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.
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The best toys you can give your child is; calmness, strength, patience and love. Happy Children’s day.
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Don’t teach your child, be the human you wish them to be. Because the child may not listen but they are watching you.
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Childhood is priceless. May you enjoy these carefree days with sunshine and playtime. Happy Children’s day.
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To see an innocent smile of the children are the most reliving thing on earth. My hearty wishes to the children’s.
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Grow your child with roots to grow and wings to fly, for they will turn out to be courage beyond fear.
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Every child is a hope of the future. Nurture them right so that they can lead the world with light. Happy Children’s day
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Raise your kids by loving them, they grow up being strong. Never push a child to get molded; they are treasures to be unfolded.
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A child can bring a magic of spark. Being around children can heal the heart nobody can replace. Happy Children’s day
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Children are the source of joy they spread happiness in all seasons and all days.
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Children are sometimes great teachers. They show us how to love and be loved unconditionally. Children’s day wishes!
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Make your child happy and the child itself will grow good in best ways possible.
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Children’s Day acts as a bridge between teacher and students.
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Children’s Day is a gift of love show by the teachers
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Children’s Day is reveals the extra curriculum talents of the teachers.
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Children’s Day is an opportunity for the teacher to tighten the bond with the students.
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Children’s Day celebration energize the students to perform better.
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Children’s Day gives limitless joy which often, turn into sorrow memories.
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Children’s Day creates memories in students which lasts forever.
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Children’s Day often gives extra wings to some students, which forces the teacher to come out of disguise.
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Children’s Day we get the opportunity to see the childish act of teachers.
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Children’s Day witness the quality of an actor in their teachers.
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Children’s Day is celebrated as a study leave in school environment.
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Children’s Day helps us to witness the parental love from teachers.
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