Best Mother's Day Quotes To My Dear Mom

A day is said to be remarkable when it is special, so consider the best days and send your mother, mothers day quotes

mothers day quotes

A lady who is often unnoticed, the greatest inspiring teacher ever, a wonderful person. Ever ready to give even the last bit of her life for someone. Our ‘MOTHER’. Have you ever really spend a day for her? Greeted her? Expressed a word of gratitude to her? No? Waiting for mother’s day to arrive to send her wishes and quotes?

Why should we respect our mother?

If there is someone inevitable on earth that is your mother. What is actually the bond between you and your mother really like? Serous? Complicated? Or something else! It is the bond of ‘blind love’ of your mother that keeps you moving. She is often a victim of no recognition.

She doesn’t want it because you are her wealth. You sometimes can simply deny the love of your mother. She can’t. Your mother alone knows who you really are.

Our nation is otherwise called as Bharat ‘Mata’ (mother country). Our state has recognized the importance of mother and calls our country as a mother. The same county has provided us with a day to remember our mothers. The mother’s day.

Is mother’s day really a day for mothers?

Our mother is the ultimate form of love. Sending mother’s day wishes doesn’t mean that you’ve performed your duty. More than your quotes, express her a word of gratitude. Tell her that you love her. Be a good daughter to your mother. For she alone can understand you completely.

Be a good son to your mother, because only she can tell you what love is. Your mother doesn’t expect any sort of quotes or wishes dear daughters and sons. The only gift that you can give her would be, to give them the place of a mother. Let them play the role of the mother until the end. Don’t overrule them.

Is that really necessary to have a day to celebrate mother’s day?

Mother’s day is normally celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. Though it is not a federal holiday, the day is celebrated as a special day to honor our mothers and motherhood. There is no one in the world who cares about you like your mother. There is none in the whole world loves you like your mother.

Make not one day but all days’ a mother’s day’. Be grateful to your mother. That itself s the biggest gift you can give to your mother.

Remember! “When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know”.

“Your mother is your first friend, best friend, your forever friend”. Be her forever friend.

Mothers Day Quotes

Don't use harsh words against your mother. Because ask a person who don't have mother. He/she tells about Mother's love and happiness.
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The mother does not know whether she will survive her childbirth or not, but she gives birth and struggling to introduce us to this world
Mothers day quotes 19
Nowadays people are not ready to accept girl babies. Society is going to become orphan without mother's. Yesterday’s daughter, tomorrow's Mother.
Mothers day quotes 18
Always we can't feel and see the God everywhere. That's why God has sent mother’s to all
Mothers day quotes 17
Mother's love is as chill as snow and her character is as white as Jasmine. So Happy mother's day to my lovable mom
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Mother is a person who sacrifices her everyday life for our better future.
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My mom became the happiest person in the world when I cried. Because that's the moment she introduced me to the world.
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The real fact in the world is “no one knows how to love at first sight, except mother
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I want to take care of my mom like how she took care in my childhood.
Mothers day quotes 12
Mother's day is not only her day because everyday is her day. We can't show our love but we love her deeply.
Mothers day quotes 11
A child feels safe only with his mother. Mothers are the most wonderful gift of God. Happy Mother's Day.
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Mothers should be respected forever, Respect and love for a mother is the key of Heaven. Happy Mother's Day.
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Mom's love and care make you feel that You are the luckiest person in the world. Happy Mother's Day
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Mom's love can give you strength. It's the most tremendous love on earth, Happy Mother's Day.
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It's no objection if mothers are saluted, They are the decoration of a home. Happy Mother's Day.
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Mothers love can make you realise, It's the purest love on earth, Happy Mother's Day.
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A mother can give you Love of everyone, But everyone can't give you Love of another. Happy Mother's Day.
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Happy Mother's Day, No one can take the place of a mother, It's the one and only thing in your life.
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Happy Mother's Day, you are the queen of my world, My world is fulfilled with the beauty of your love.
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Mother's love cannot be compared, it is the most fabulous love in the world. Happy Mother's Day.
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