Rose Day Quotes For My Love To Make Her Happy

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Rose day quotes

Start Of Valentine’s Week, Rose Day

“Rose spreads its fragrance His fragrance is his message.”― Sushil Singh 

When is rose day celebrated?

February is definitely one of the most romantic months of the year, which lets new love blossom and old affections grow even deeper.

The very first day of Love Week or Valentine's week is celebrated as the Rose Day.

Every 7th of February is called the Rose Day. It's the first step to the love week. It marks the beginning of Love Week.

Rose is the symbol of love and is deeply associated with the beautiful nature. Rose day makes the loved one feel extremely touched and happy. 

The story from which Valentine’s week took its birth is also wrapped in the tenderness of love.

Valentine’s week is consecrated in the name of St. Valentine.

The Greek mythology tells that red rose is the favourite flower of the Goddess Venus, who is written as the goddess of love.

“Can you imagine a world without roses? It won't be the same because an important part of its beauty will be lacking.

That is what my life would be without you.”

Importance of rose day

The Valentine’s week begins with the much-awaited Rose Day.

The day goes and ends with roses. Roses everywhere. People share and exchange roses with their loved and dear ones.

There lies a story behind the rose day.

The word ‘rose’, the letters can be rearranged to form the word ‘Eros’, who is called the God of love.

And hence, Valentine’s Week begins with this day where people gift roses as a token of their love. 

Giving a rose is the perfect way to express love without doing much talking.

It is said that The Victorians started the culture of exchanging roses to communicate unspoken feelings.

Wherein, red rose has been a symbol of love and passion.

The colour and number of roses conveys a lot of messages too. Roses symbolize love, beauty, courage, respect, romantic love, and even congratulations.

“Every bird cannot dance but peacock does; every friend cannot reach my heart but u did; every flower cannot express love, but roses did it.”

Surprises given on rose day

Rose day is the best day to propose and surprise the loved ones.

As it is the beginning of the week, one has to make the  rose day remarkable in order to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Surprising loved ones with number of roses, define a lot.

A Single Rose means that the person has fallen in love with the very first sight.

Two Roses means that they are deeply in love.

Three roses mean that the person loves the other.

Four signifies nothing can separate them.

Five considered the strong admiration toward the other and so on.

The hundred roses says that the person is devoted to the other.

It signifies the happy union of two living souls till death or till a hundred years.

One thousand and one roses denotes the infinite love and love forever. 

“Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send a rose across the distance to the person who is reading this.”

Rose Day Quotes

I love you by the deep of my heart, You are the Rose of my heart's garden. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 10
Rose is very nice, it becomes gorgeous when it's in your hands. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 9
You are the person who gives me comfort like "a bed of roses". Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 8
When life goes into thorns of difficulties, You make it pleasant fragrance of roses. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 7
My life was boring, you have made it pleasant, Your love is so charming as Rose. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 6
When I look into your eyes, there is a lovely space in it, It's like a garden of roses. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 5
I made a bouquet for you, a Rose is missing from it, You are that Rose who can complete it. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 4
You are like a flower, where you go everyone appreciates your beauty. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 3
On this Rose Day I pray that God will fulfill your life with the fragrance of love. Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 2
With fragrance of roses I am wishing you a very beautiful day, Happy Rose Day
rose day quotes 1