Teachers Day Quotes

Best Teacher's Day Quotes For My Favorite Teacher

A day is said to be remarkable when it is special, so consider the best days and send your teacher, teachers day quotes


The supreme trustable companion

"The last Hope in everyone's life. The first Trustworthy soul in a student's career"

Life is not easy to live when a baby becomes a child and then when becomes a student.

After parents, a person can trust no other but a good, talented, advising and a great teacher.

A teacher can be the one whom students are scared of. But at the same time, he is the one whom a person needs the most at every situation.

Who is a teacher?

"A Family to enjoy the best days of life, A Friend to share the deepest secrets, A Brother to cry on the shoulders, A Sister to fight and argue, A Father with great advice, A Mother with loads of experiences, Simply my PROFESSOR."

A professor is the best philosopher of everyone's life.

He is the only soul who can never be jealous of you, he is the only human being who wants you to reach the maximum height.

A person who actually knows the meaning of 'Sky is your Limit' and wants you to achieve it. A great man who teaches you all he knows.

A teacher learns to sing even if he does not know, only for his students.

He transforms himself to an actor and becomes a skilled performer to make the class more interesting and effective. He sacrifices his sleep for his children i.e., his students.

A good teacher never blames his students for his errors. He never gets offended over his students' words. He never makes his students uncomfortable.

Teacher, the best mentor!

 "Therapist for a damaged soul Trainer for a learning soul Consultant for a repaired soul, Master for a StudentHero in the form of Teacher"

A teacher is always the best mentor who teaches you the positive and negative sides of life.

At the same time, he lets you to learn fewthings on your own.

A mentor knows where to be  with you, where to chase you and where to remain behind. That is the Mentor. In more familiar word, a teacher in everyone's life.

The best part of someone’s life would definitely be his student days and in those days one teacher from his school would have supported him and one from his college would have accompanied him.

That is what a teacher does. He keeps on training and teaching the upcoming generations.

"The one who never wishes to take a break or rest" - A Teacher.

Best teachers day quotes

1. Happy Teachers Day to the teachers who made us unique, independent, and knowledgeable.

2. Happy Teachers Day to the teachers who helped in a literal way, supported in a moral way. Showed the way to reach & achieve our goals.

3. Where the students learn the morality, principles, code of conduct, behaviors, mannerism. Also the way of interaction from their teachers. Happy Teachers Day to the teacher’s who teach life principle for the future of the students

4. Teachers are the person who mould’s their students in a finer and better way. Teacher’s Day wishes to the person who fine-tuned us.

5. Teachers are the role players who play a better role in many of the student’s life. Happy Teachers Day for my role player.

6. Each teacher dedicates their time to raise and develop their students. That student rose with good conduct, manners, and behaviors. Also with vast experience and more acquisition of knowledge. Happy Teachers Day to the teacher who spares their precious time for the betterment of a student.

7. "As a teacher,
Some may good in presenting and teaching the concept,
Some may good in encouraging and motivating the students,
Some may good in directing the student in the right way,
Some may good in maintain communication & relationship with the students
Combing all these qualities make a good teacher."

8. Teachers are who teaches what life is? , what is the purpose of living this life? , why we are sustaining this life? , and how to survive this life?. Happy Teachers Day to my teacher who enlightens my life.

9. Happy Teachers Day to the teacher, who taught me to think in a logical manner. Act in an inherent manner. To solve the problem in an effective and efficient way.

10. Teachers are next to our parents they are the ones who taught to differentiate good and bad things in our life. Happy Teacher’s Day to the teachers who raised us in a better way.

11. Happy Teachers Day to the teachers, who support us, motivates us, raise’s us. Scolds us when we are wrong, takes care of us and brightens our future by the acquisition of more knowledge.

12. Teachers are the person who has the ability and capacity. To raise and mold a slow learner into a good learner with their patience and care on them.

13. Teachers are the person who knows about each student’s strengths, weaknesses & interests. That itself shows the teacher’s dedication towards the work. Happy Teachers Day to my dedicated teacher.

14. Teachers are the person who guide’s a student gave their moral support. To raise the student to see the next level and stage of their life. Happy Teachers Day to my supportive teacher.

15. A Teacher with patience, dedication towards their work, attachment towards the student. Positivity spread by them makes them a unique Teacher. Happy Teachers Day to my unique personality Teacher.

16. Happy Teachers Day to my teacher who encourages us motivates us; stimulates us. To reach our goals and desires in our life.

17. As my teacher your scolding makes me feel bad on you but later it helped me to think and fine-tune myself. Happy Teachers Day to my life savior.

18. The tests you keep assignments you gave, the seminars you conduct. Make us learn time management and leave our stage fear and mold us as a better person. Happy Teachers Day to my best tutor.

19. Your strategies on our learning techniques make us feel more burdens on those days. But the outcome you gave makes us know who we are and the skills we have in ourselves. Happy Teachers Day to our skill finder.
Happy Teachers Day to our good, better, best Teacher.

20. "As our Teacher,
We keep admiring on the way you deliver the concept to us,
We keep admiring on you by making us to understanding the concept,
We keep admiring on you by making us learn the concept,
We keep admiring on you by making us deliver the concept;
At last, we keep admiring you by changing me as a better person."



Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-07 09:07:58

Happy teachers day to you and you are a person who has guided me from my childhood till I became a teenager so i appreciate your way of dealing and guiding us.



2021-01-29 17:28:10

When a third person who is not known to you makes you known by all, he is called teacher. Happy teachers day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:37:23

Thank you for being a great educator and friend at the same time. Happy Teacher's Day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:38:18

You are not only a great teacher, you are also the guide of my inspiration! We are lucky to have you Happy Teacher's Day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:41:05

You are the one who taught general knowledge more than books ... You taught me to hold my hand and write in the unknown season .... I am lucky to have you in my life ... Happy Teacher's day.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:42:55

Although there are a thousand characters in my book, you are my hero. Off to you Happy teacher's day.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:44:20

Teachers are the ones who created this world with students. Without them this world would not be enlightened. Light yourself out of the darkness! Happy teacher's day.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:45:16

Parents gave us life. But teachers are the ones who teach us how to achieve life goals.! Happy Teachers' Day to all teachers.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:46:50

It was you who inspired me to question, wonder and think boldly in life. Thank you for all you have done for me. Happy Teacher's Day !!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:50:31

You are the one who said that any goal can be achieved if you persevere in life! Happy Teacher's Day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:52:50

The youth are the pillars of India You are the one who supports such youth! If we think the dream of superpowers will come true! Happy teacher's day.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:56:36

You are a selfless, dedicated, hard working, intelligent person in the classroom. I am grateful to be your student. Happy Teacher's Day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 15:57:50

You are the spark, inspiration, guide, candle to my life. I am so grateful. Happy Teacher's Day.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 16:01:03

Being a teacher is one of the greatest blessings and having someone you love is a great blessing. Happy Teacher's Day


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 16:02:01

The purpose of a teacher is not to create students like themselves, but to nurture students who can create their own image. Happy Teacher's Day to you all.


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 16:04:16

Your unquenchable passion for teaching and uncompromising ethics as a teacher has shaped what we are today! Happy Teacher's Day!


Parthiban M

2021-02-15 16:07:46

Me who was in the desert Converted into arable land. My teacher ..! Happy Teacher's Day ..!



2021-04-23 22:51:56

My dear teacher, you made me to understand even the toughest lesson. Not only in books but also in my life. Always with your blessing.


Gouender Harish shivkumar

2021-04-26 10:45:51

You show me the best way of path ... And change my life with positive things... Happy teacher's day



2021-04-27 22:27:54

My teacher taught me more lesson not from the book but he made me to learn from others' experience. He said "It is a great teacher than me". Such a humble teacher. Happy teachers day.



2021-05-06 17:07:27

Whenever I worry about my exams, it was you who made me forget those fears and helped me to understand the difference between fear and ignorance. I always admire teachers. Happy teachers day.



2021-05-07 12:15:10

Teachers are the mother at school who gives us all knowledge and teach is to face challenges that come on our way. She also guide us to face the things and never run from it. Bad situation will go one day if we face it. Happy teachers day to all my teachers who are my life changer.



2021-05-08 11:56:03

We celebrate Teachers day to wish our teachers who do lots of thing for us. They are our mothers too. They always guide us in all situation. Happy Teachers day


Deekshitha Reddy

2021-05-08 15:20:15

A teacher is a second mother with lifetime discipline that had thought by them.



2021-05-13 11:51:02

Teachers are the best person who mould students life and take it to the success .


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-17 22:49:53

"TEACHINGS are the noble profession, every country's future depends on them as they are the only solutions for the each student's career."


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-17 22:51:39

"TEACHERS are the idols of god in every student's life."