Teachers Day Quotes - Page 2

Thank you dear teachers for your help and support and for the quality you’ve spent on us, Happy teachers day!!
teachers day quotes 114
Without teachers this world is dark and unimaginable, teachers a great treasure to have
teachers day quotes 113
Happy teachers day to the teachers around universe and wish them lifetime of happiness and success
teachers day quotes 112
Dear teacher you made us what we are today you build us make us proud thank you
teachers day quotes 111
Being a teacher isn’t easy, should work hard, should sacrify, should be perfect and wise
teachers day quotes 110
Thank you for being my best teacher, best friend and best care giver, none can replace you, Happy teachers day!!
teachers day quotes 109
Whenever I think I’m weak I remember your words that takes me to heights, thank you dear teacher
teachers day quotes 108
Have a great teachers day, your inspiration, your motivation and your teaching will remembered ever
teachers day quotes 107
Whenever I think the subject is hard I think of you… I feel less burden, Happy teachers day!!
teachers day quotes 106
You’re an awesome teacher and your funfull teaching taught me a lot, Happy teachers day!!
teachers day quotes 105
A teacher can create many new ideas from the single idea and can improve one’s life
teachers day quotes 104
A good teacher are remembered forever in hearts Happy teachers day
teachers day quotes 103
Teachers a guide to the nation,a well Wishers and inspirers, Happy teachers day
teachers day quotes 102
Wishing The teachers happy teachers day, one who build us
teachers day quotes 101
Teaching not only book but also important life lessons to move forward in life thank you to every Teacher.
Teachers day Quotes 100
Only a teacher can turn an ordinary child into an extraordinary student.
Teachers day Quotes 99
Teachers opens their student mind to countless opportunities in this world.
Teachers day Quotes 98
To the ones who lead us, assist us, persuade us wishing them a Happy teachers day.
Teachers day Quotes 97
Teachers holds the biggest responsibility, as they educate the future of this world.
Teachers day Quotes 96
Teacher knows the right combination of strictness and kindness that will help a student grow in life
Teachers day Quotes 95
No one can be more diligent than a teacher, because she won’t lose her endurance even after explaining the same problem for the hundredth time.
Teachers day Quotes 94
Teacher is like lamp in the life of a student who enlightens their world with light of their knowledge.
Teachers day Quotes 93
You know why they call teachers saviors, because even after teaching the same lesson a thousand times she never gets tired.
Teachers day Quotes 92
Students can change the future of this world but not without the guidance of their teacher.
Teachers day Quotes 91
Teachers will give you different challenges to perform because they know the world out there is not as good as they are.
Teachers day Quotes 90
We came into this world because of our parents but we become capable because of our teachers.
Teachers day Quotes 89
No matter how difficult a sum is, a teacher can always solve it.
Teachers day Quotes 88