Valentine's Day Quotes To Show My Love For My Valentine

A day is said to be remarkable when it is special, so consider the best days and send your mother, valentines day quotes

Valentine’s day quotes

Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. It is the day of lovers. People who are in a relationship share their love on this day. Even the married couple celebrates this day to make their love refreshed. 

Importance of celebrating valentines day

Love is a beautiful feeling which completes two people’s soul and body. There is a quote that says, “love is blind.” Yes, it is! True love does not see beauty, money or anything. It is a spiritual union of two souls who believe in each other.

As like all other special days, valentines’ day is also equally important to be celebrated. 

This day helps us in showing that our partner is much value in our life. Our love partner will feel like they are on our arms when we wish or send them love quotes.

Some people eagerly wait for this day to propose their love. Hence choose special Valentine day love quotes from us.

“Please let me love you, surrender your heart and give me at least one chance to prove to you how I feel” - This is the best quote to indirectly propose someone that you are in love with.

Special surprises for valentine’s day

The best way to surprise your love on Valentine day is by giving her or him a handmade greeting card with love of full quotes.

“No matter what people say, I’ll keep loving you until my heart beats no more. Without you, am no more. You are my everything. I love you.” - 

Choose quotes that really mean a lot to your partner. Attach your love stories in between as a recalling memory. 

Sending roses, flower bouquets, teddies and taking out for a romantic dinner are usual things especially when you are in a relationship for so many years. 

No matter whatever you do, there should be love which your partner could feel.

Valentine’s day quotes for couples 

Is there a point in celebrating Valentine day after marriage? Why not? Undoubtedly Valentine day is to celebrate our love. When it comes to marriage, it is very much needed to refresh our love.

Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, the basic thing that holds a marital relationship is only loving.

Hence make, valentine’s day special by sending love quotes to your husband or wife.

“Not just on Valentines day but each day of the year,

you stand beside me through whatever life brings.

You share with me life's pleasures, it is big and little things.”

Find more valentine’s day love quotes below.

Valentines Day Quotes

When people ask about love, sweetheart only you will be seen in my eyes. You are my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day Love.
valentines day quotes 35
No matter the distance, no matter the time, you were mine yesterday, today you are mine. Happy Valentine’s Day my love
valentines day quotes 34
They say love only happens once in a lifetime but every time I see you I fall in love every time. Happy Valentine’s Day to the king of my heart.
valentines day quotes 33
When I saw you, I understood the meaning of love, otherwise earlier I only used to hear the praise of the word. Happy Valentine’s Day dear
valentines day quotes 32
Drowning in your love I will become a river, I will start with you and end in you my dear. Happy Valentine’s Day
valentines day quotes 31
There’s only two forms of love, making someone your own, becoming someone’s own.
valentines day quotes 30
I really like every love story but my favorite is our love story. Happy Valentine’s Day.
valentines day quotes 29
If you live for a hundred years, I would like to live a day less in a hundred year, so I don’t have to live without you my dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.
valentines day quotes 28
Watching you smile is the biggest joy of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day sweety.
valentines day quotes 27
I only know one duty in which I am well versed and that is to love my love. Happy valentine’s day my love
valentines day quotes 26
Your love has planted such a flower in my heart That blooms all the time, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 25
My heart is an organ, you are its beat, I am body, you are my soul, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 24
My arms are lonely, I want to embrace you so tightly that never can go away, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 23
I have fallen in love many times with the same person, that's you. Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 22
Your love gives me strength to stay happy even in difficult times, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 21
I am a blessed person because I have you as my Valentine, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 20
I want to take you in my dream world, Where the rain of my love showers on you, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 19
Your love has that magic, which makes me feel happy even alone. Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 18
Loving you is my passion, caring for you is my mission, I want to give you the pleasure of life, Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 17
You are the elegance of my life, You have added a unique beauty to my life. Happy Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day Quotes 16
Happy valentines day my dear love an wish u a 4th love anniversary day my love my wish is to spend the lovable time with u and to live peacefuly i this world
valentines day quotes 15
A happy valentine day to my boy friend. You are the important part of my life. You are very special for me. I want to confess something to you in this valentine day that i want to get engaged with you. So i will be more happy for that. You are an amazing person. Have a Happy valentine day to you.
valentines day quotes 14
The best person to have in my life may i hope you stay forever and continue loving me till my last breath.I love you and happy valentine
valentines day quotes 13
Love is like a bridge that connect two shore of a sea or river. In the same way love connect two soul.
valentines day quotes 12
Dear friend i wish you happy valentines day and this day is remember all our the one who is carrying with Love.
valentines day quotes 11
Valentine's day may be the reason for the shortage of life span for the month february than other months.
valentines day quotes 10
Happy Valentine Day my dear friend . Enjoy yourself with your Valentine. Present some precious gift to your Valentine. Always be happy and not worry about anything . Life is short and enjoyment is long. Enjoy to the core and to your hearts content.
valentines day quotes 9