Beautiful Wedding Invitation Quotes For Family And Friends

Special days makes our life move with good vibes - send this wedding invitation quotes to your family and friends

Wedding Invitation Quotes

Invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding. Because they set the tone and give the first clue for the guests about what kind of a wedding it will be. Invitations help the guest to prepare for the event in advance. 

The invitation should be consistent with the feel of the entire wedding. Whether the invitation is a simple card or boxed treasure it depends on the couple’s choice.

It shows how they want their day to be. It is a reflection of their personalities, their style and will set the scene for what is to come.

What is a wedding invitation?

A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding. The invitation will be in the formal language. It carries the information like whom, when and where.

Details like the host of the marriage, bride & bridegroom names, date & time, venue & agenda. Outline of an invitation. A host line, invitation line, the names, the action line, the information and the party line.

Invitation will be ending with a request to their guests to make their presence and bless the couples. Finally, they will issue or mailed to guests five to eight weeks before the wedding date.

How to invite someone for a wedding?

Wedding invitation cards have a very important place in marriages. It is to invite people for witnessing a delightful union and take part in their happiness. It also speaks volumes about the new relationship between two people and their families. Evolution of wedding invitation as follows

12th century, weddings announced by the town crier.

Early 1600’s, invitations printed in newspapers.

1642 metal plate engraving much higher quality of the invitation.

1798 the invention of the lithograph brought distinctive printing.

1939 Thermograph developed results into a printed wedding invitation

The introduction of the postal system led people to send handwritten letters by post. To invite their wedding guests living far away. Later with the onset of the printing process, people found it easier to print the invitation in the press.  

People used to invite their relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors for their wedding. By visiting their houses and giving them a wedding invitation cards. They also request them to join the celebration and bless the couples. They will be sending cards who lived apart.

Now a day’s many of them are sending an invitation through social media networks. After sending they are requesting them to attend their wedding. This may reduce their costs and time.

Unique wedding invitation

Every wedding is the culmination of a beautiful story. It is a celebration of two individual’s blissful union. So when a person sends a wedding invitation the person is telling their unique story.

Now a day’s unique invitation is getting popular. Like invitations carrying couples caricature images, plastic board invitation, laser cut wedding cards. Now a day’s wedding invitation is also given in royal rich boxes, puzzle-style invitation cards.

Online invitations are these days good and trendy. Invitation carrying with QR code displays the location & redirects to the wedding invitation website. 3D wedding invitation, digital printing wedding invitations are also in a unique manner.

Some other unique styles in wedding invitations are pop up cards, scroll design cards. Innovative cards like credit card design, passport design cards, flight ticket design. Film poster design, chocolate wrapper design, balloon design, and menu card design.

Now a day’s some amazing gifts are also accompanying the wedding invitation. These amazing gifts include edible things like chocolates, almonds, dry fruits and sweets.

Giving dry fruits with invitation signifies sharing good health. It marks the beginning of a strong lifelong bond shared by the couple filled with ups and downs.

Glad to know your wedding is scheduled to take place in the next month. You have forwarded the invitation in advance so that I can arrange and make my plans to attend the wedding on time. I accept your invitation and was eagerly waiting for the good news. I will surely attend your marriage and render all possible help to make your marriage a great event. Both of you make a lovely pair and may god bless you with prosperity and happiness in your married life.


Please come to my daughters marriage and it was all of a sudden and the boy us from US and within three weeks we done all preparation. So please come.


It is very short notice but does come to my party. It is our pleasure to have such a nice day comes and we are going to have the marriage function of my son do come.


I invite you on the occasion of my daughters marriage so do come and mark three days as celebration is on these days.


I am sending you a letter on that day keep yourself free and come and attain the function. Nowadays everyone is so busy so we have decided to write in advance about the date so everyone can manage.


I got your invitation yesterday that I heard your marriage was fixed, I'm very much happy, wishing you a happy marriage life, May your new life gave you more happiness and success. May you have a blessed life partner and terrific life . Happy marriage life .


I need your presence in my wedding , you are most special to me . You are cordially invited with your family." My single soul gotta a dual soul I invite you from my heart to a hearty soul " .


Please come to my daughters wedding and it is very nice to have a guest like you at our occasion. It is our pleasure to have such day comes in our life to invite you on such occasion.


It is very important for you to save our daughters wedding date and attain our function. It is our pleasure to have such a great guest in our function.


It is a very special invitation from me and please come and attain my daughters wedding and please save the date.


It is my daughters wedding on end of this month. So keep yourself free and come to my daughters wedding. It is our pleasure to have such a great person in our wedding.


It is very warm invitation to attain my daughters wedding so keep your this dates free for my daughters wedding. We appreciate your presence in our function.


You know my marriage has fixed this month end on 21 march , Must attend my wedding without fail . " I'll be waiting for your arrival for my marriage , come and attend my marriage".


You are my closest uncle in our family , you are very kind you told me to inform my marriage date, it's on 25th April. "You have to attend my marriage without you my marriage will looks empty".


Hi! This is your friend Maha , I'm very happy to invite you for my marriage , it's held on 5th of April. "Attend my wedding with your family , Marriage is festive which unite two souls".