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what is a wedding ?

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.

Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader.

Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception. Music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature are also incorporated into the ceremony.

Commitment of a marital relationship 

One of the fundamental cornerstones of a successful marriage is the commitment, an unwavering allegiance to a relationship and a partner. Commitment in marriages comes in different forms.

People committed out of moral reasons. These couples have religious beliefs or social norms that compel them to stay in their marriage.

They can feel a sense of duty,  concerned about how a divorce would  judged by others, or feel obligated to follow the guidelines of their religion.

Another is practical or structural commitment, which results from an intermingling of resources.

Married couples pool money and other material possessions, have children and establish a social life together. In doing so, their lives can become entangled to such an extent that it can be easier to stay in a relationship than to leave it. 

For both moral and structural commitment, external factors to keep the marriage together, and partners believe they have no choice but to stay married, regardless of whether or not they’re happy.

This type of commitment does not imply partners connected to each other. A third is a personal commitment, which differs from the other two in that it has an emotional component.

Committed partners see their relationship and their emotional bond as the most important thing in their lives and stay married because they want to, not out of necessity or a sense of responsibility.

Personal commitment is the one that matters. The emotional aspect of personal commitment enhances our marriage because it directs how about our partner, and how about them regulates how we treat them.

Committed partners tend to think of each other in a positive light how can we be committed to another person if we don’t think of them? As a result, they tend to work hard to keep their relationship on solid ground.

In conflicts, they try to diffuse the situation and not let it get out of control. They also tend to sacrifice their personal needs and focus more on pursuing ones that serve the couple.

They think of themselves not as individuals but as a team, sharing aspirations, thoughts, and interests, all of which strengthen their desire to stay together.

Understanding each other in a wedding 

Marriage is often taken for granted. We think we know everything and get into it without learning how to make it work. Understanding marriage should be the first most important task if you want to live a happy married life. There’s more to marriage than love, sex, and trust.

# Marriage is a contract that should be renewed, every day.

# Marriage is more about commitment than togetherness.

Wedding Quotes

The one of the strongest relationship in the world is "Wedding". It is built by two beautiful hearts.
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Understanding each other makes the relationship strong, Weddings get success if the basic rule is understanding.
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Wedding doesn't mean you will get a perfect partner, It means you should become a perfect partner.
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Wedding becomes wonderful if you fall in love many times with your partner.
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When the love is equal from both sides that's called a perfect wedding couple.
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Wedding is the beautiful ceremony which tie two souls together.
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Follow the qualities which you are expecting from your partner then you get happiness from the wedding.
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The two people having the quality of forgive can have a successful wedding.
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The complications is wedding is that we love a personality and we have to live with a character.
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Honesty and loyalty is the key to a successful wedding.
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Wedding is the most important phase of your life to learn and move to the next stage in the society.
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May your wedding become so fruitful and full of love and affection i only wish you happiness and may god give you every happiness whatever you want from god
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Wedding is a promise which make a bond between two persons they would be two but one soul
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Trust makes every relationship possible and love is the key of successful marriage
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Together is we make a bonding of love and serenity which never going to be broken
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You decided to give your entire life with unknown person, That unknown person will be your everything, He will be your caretaker, he will be your lover. This is the last day to live with hometown. Happy wedding.
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Weddings are fun for everyone and happiest day for the people getting married.
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Life is meant to love someone and loved by someone. If a person loves you more than anything in the world. Then the person is worthy enough to share life together.
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Throughout your life keep this closeness and affection without spoil. It is the affection between you, will speak more than your mouth to this world.
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When two souls decide to be together forever, then that process is the most magical and hallowed one. This is called wedding.
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Best day in life is wedding where both husband and wife begin new life .
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We wish you to live like the sun and the east and the moon and light always till your last days.
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Marriage is a life of relationship in which two become one. As both of you are getting united in love to be one, I wish that your love for each other grows more and more on every passing day. Happy Wedding
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A wedding marks the beginning of Forever. It is when truly two souls become one and journey of there happily ever after begins..!!!
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Let's walk with hands of mine in yours and your in mine. Let's fall in love again today as we are getting married
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