Best and Unique Marriage Quotes In Telugu

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Marriage Quotes In Telugu

Two different perspective souls join their hands to walk throughout the world. With a legal agreement called marriage.

Marriage - a beautiful event to celebrate & nourish in our lifetime. The marriage leads a person to the next stage of his life.

The marriage lets a person know his role & responsibility for the upcoming days.

Marriage the most dreamed day for every single women and men in this world. As their dream, the expectation of marriage will get fulfilled on their wedding day.

As a couple, they both accept & prepare for their wedding. As a couple getting married they will have many plans for their dream wedding.

The Plan starts from the hall, invitation, costume, menu, guest list, decoration & goes on. Planning all this and getting ready for the event with a heart full of joy is the moment that can never recreate.

Tying a knot, exchanging a ring, signing on a contract is not the perfect wedding.

Making others happy, seeing smiles on all the faces are the joyful moments. Getting blessing, heartfelt wishes from dear ones are the best part of marriage.

Getting married is not alone a success for the couple. Showing love, care, equality, respect, trust, patience, tolerance leads to a successful marriage.

Celebrating each marriage anniversary with loads of love leads to many anniversaries.

Marriage Quotes In Telugu