Inspiring Friendship Thoughts To My Best Friend

It may be good or bad, thoughts are the essence of living life, send this fantastic friendship thoughts to your family and friends


Many dictionaries define friendship in different ways. Friendship is not just the simple communication between two people.

It is more than that. Merriam Webster says, kindness or help given to someone is the true friendship.

In this world, everyone seeks the friendship. Choosing a best friend,plays a very important role in everyone's life.

Life without a friend is death, and no friend is an accident. Friendship is an attachment or a friendly relationship to a person or between the person.                                               

Friendship is the combination of truth, love,respect,mutual understanding as well as loyalty towards one another.

Friendship is often considered as the mutual and agreeable relationship between two people.

People who have friendship should face both the negatives and positives from each side.

They can argue but it should not last forever. Because life contains both joy and sorrow.

Life with full of happiness without sorrow cannot make a man perfect and vice versa                                                                                            

It is very important to choose a good friend, because friends can create a great impact in our life. Behind every successful person there is a Friend who motivated and helped the other.

Friends are the family whom we choose by ourselves. The greatest gift of life is friendship and everyone must receive it more than once in their life.                                                                                               

Pure friendship is: Bright like sun; High like sky; Strong like Diamond; Kind like mother.

Best friends are the people who make your problems their problems just so you do not have to go through them alone.

Only good friends can make it. So choose your friends carefully. 

Many people have innumerable friends but they are not loyal to them. Just they are like a babbler in which they back-talk about others. It is not that much important, how many friends we have.                                                                                                               

One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on your friend's face and knowing that it is because of you. Life is too short to  argue and fight, count your blessings, value of your friends and move on your head held high.                                                                                   

Many people walk in and out of your life but only good friends leave the food prints in your life. We can express our friendship by appreciating  the deeds of our friends.

Sometimes by communicating honestly to the friend, or by forgiving them ,respecting them. we can encourage them.

Types of friendship:                                                          

 There are three types of friendship in this world. They are,

1. Friendship of utility

2. Friendship of pleasure

3. Friendship of the good                                                                                      

Above the three categories, I think the third category is the best because it  depends on the Mutual respect and admiration. Yes, definitely it is the best!    

Some of the good qualities of a best friend are,                                                       

1. Protective

2. Kind

3. Honest

4. Playful

5. Adventurous

6. Trustworthy

7. Nurturing

Good thoughts on true friendship:                    

Nathanael Richmond says, Best friends make Best days. It is absolutely  true. Of course we must have good friends.

It is our duty to choose to our best friend wisely. So choose your best partner and spend your valuable time with them.

I finally concludes this by saying NEVER HURT A FRIEND WITH THE WORD THAT STINGS.

Friendship Thoughts

A friend who has the ability to protect you is The one who helps in the growth of life
friendship thoughts 26
The limit with respect to friendliness is God draw near to saying remorseful for the unhappy moments
friendship thoughts 25
No individual is your companion who requests your quietness, or denies your entitlement to develop.
friendship thoughts 24
Just a genuine dearest companion can Defend everyone from the kind of undying foes
friendship thoughts 23
No one enjoys being distant from everyone Don’t make a special effort to make companions There’s nothing more to it Simply prompts dissatisfaction
friendship thoughts 22
Life is a dreadful, terrible spot to Not have a closest buddy in life
friendship thoughts 21
I would prefer to stroll with a buddy In obscurity rather being alone in the brightness
friendship thoughts 20
There isn't anything better than a best friend Except if it is a companion with chocolate
friendship thoughts 19
It's anything but an absence of adoration, However an absence of companionship That makes despondent friendship
friendship thoughts 18
A buddy is somebody who has a profound Knowledge of you nevertheless loves you
friendship thoughts 17
First silently caring and openly hurting to make you perfect in life. A person love you most will do the above two things.
friendship thoughts 16
A good friend shares your sorrows and doubles your joys and Be grateful to friends who make you happy.
friendship thoughts 15
Friendship is a gods gift, which lies in the heart of every man.But of course a man becomes cruel is some times because of his bad experience of society.
friendship thoughts 14
Friends are the best gifts given by God. A good friend will last for ever. Friends are the backbone in our life. Be careful in selecting a good friend.
friendship thoughts 13
friendship is not only a relation it is all emotional of caring attitude with love. Its more than love to very strong relation to every human being.
friendship thoughts 12
Real friends last for a lifetime.
friendship thoughts 11
True friends share the same level of madness.
friendship thoughts 10
A true friend can see the pain hidden behind your smile.
friendship thoughts 9
Friendship can’t be learned, it must be lived.
friendship thoughts 8
Friendship knows no distance, no boundary, no race, no colour, no gender.
friendship thoughts 7
Your friends reveal who you really are.
friendship thoughts 6
Don’t search for true friends, be one instead.
friendship thoughts 5
True friends never change with time, they just grow together.
friendship thoughts 4
Friendship takes unconditional love and a tremendous amount of work.
friendship thoughts 3
Friends are the most valuable gift of life.
friendship thoughts 2
Friendships can kill Hardships.
friendship thoughts 1