Romantic Love Thoughts To My Love For A Happy Day

It may be good or bad, thoughts are the essence of living life, send this fantastic love thoughts to your family and friends

Love Thoughts

Struck by love, are you?

They say love can build and love can destroy as well. And there ain't a thing, known to mankind, as powerful as love; 

How do you know when you love someone?

There is no answer to it, You just know it! Love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever felt.

We all very well would know how great it feels to be in love, yet the feeling is indescribable. A million butterflies in your stomach, bounding heartbeats to skipped beats, getting swept off the feet to falling head over heels.

Some say it kills your sleep and your appetite and rents your thoughts. Your mind goes on a vacation while your heart works over time.

It takes over you like a deadly disease, yet sweet. It haunts you day in and day out, and its inescapable, and you wouldn't wanna escape it yet even if you could! 

Love doesn't fit in one universal definition, besides, there could be millions of  love quotes written each day!

What is the best way to describe love?

Each of us have our own way of describing love and it is also said, the love that we have for a lover isn't the same as what we hold for our family. 

Sometimes it is funny to think love comes in all forms - care,  affection, attraction, possessiveness, obsession, and much more - you name it!

What's more crazy about love is that, they call it blind! Poor thing. They say so 'cause You can never predict who would fall in love with whom.

Any one could love Anyone and true love is beyond bias, face-value, caste, creed, religion, age and even gender (these days)! Such is the greatness of love! And it can be best expressed even with a love quote.

'All is fair in love and war'- Love could start wars and love could also end wars, in the end love alone triumphs!

Well well..

What if You can't get yourself to express your love?

It takes you through hell for sure. 

Always say what you feel, after all what is the point in burying it in a secret corner of your heart,while it sets you on fire? 

'Love can make you feel as light as air', but not all the time.

You try hiding it, it could weigh you down for a lifetime, the burden getting heavier, each passing day! Let nothing hold you back! Express your love the way your heart wants to.

Have you ever changed yourself to make someone love you?

First fall in love, and begin with Yourselves first! Love yourself, then You know how to love others!

Spread love, and spread happiness! 

Through a smile may be, which ain't gonna cost you a penny; or sending a love quote, to a lover, or to a family member! Pour your heart out through love thoughts and wishes. 

These simple gestures could light up someone's day and might even make your loved ones fall for you!

"Fall deep in love with each other that both together can rise above all odds and difference"

Love Thoughts

If someone really loves you , no matter how many others people they meet, Their feeling for you would not change. A real lover can not be stolen.
love thoughts 5
Friends are always close to the hearts.They are never separated out.They will be side by side or they may be miles apart but close to the hearts ever.
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elations should be like two zeroes. When we try to add, they are the same. When we try to subtract, they are again the same. But when we try to divide, it is just impossible.
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some flowers grow best in the sun & some grow well in the shade. Remember god puts us where we grow best. so always be happy in every situation of life.
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Life and Love it is very different my friend life is only you have to face any problem at alone , but love is both love partner are face any type of problem together .
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