Romantic Love Thoughts To My Love For A Happy Day

It may be good or bad, thoughts are the essence of living life, send this fantastic love thoughts to your family and friends

Love Thoughts

Struck by love, are you?

They say love can build and love can destroy as well. And there ain't a thing, known to mankind, as powerful as love; 

How do you know when you love someone?

There is no answer to it, You just know it! Love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever felt.

We all very well would know how great it feels to be in love, yet the feeling is indescribable. A million butterflies in your stomach, bounding heartbeats to skipped beats, getting swept off the feet to falling head over heels.

Some say it kills your sleep and your appetite and rents your thoughts. Your mind goes on a vacation while your heart works over time.

It takes over you like a deadly disease, yet sweet. It haunts you day in and day out, and its inescapable, and you wouldn't wanna escape it yet even if you could! 

Love doesn't fit in one universal definition, besides, there could be millions of  love quotes written each day!

What is the best way to describe love?

Each of us have our own way of describing love and it is also said, the love that we have for a lover isn't the same as what we hold for our family. 

Sometimes it is funny to think love comes in all forms - care,  affection, attraction, possessiveness, obsession, and much more - you name it!

What's more crazy about love is that, they call it blind! Poor thing. They say so 'cause You can never predict who would fall in love with whom.

Any one could love Anyone and true love is beyond bias, face-value, caste, creed, religion, age and even gender (these days)! Such is the greatness of love! And it can be best expressed even with a love quote.

'All is fair in love and war'- Love could start wars and love could also end wars, in the end love alone triumphs!

Well well..

What if You can't get yourself to express your love?

It takes you through hell for sure. 

Always say what you feel, after all what is the point in burying it in a secret corner of your heart,while it sets you on fire? 

'Love can make you feel as light as air', but not all the time.

You try hiding it, it could weigh you down for a lifetime, the burden getting heavier, each passing day! Let nothing hold you back! Express your love the way your heart wants to.

Have you ever changed yourself to make someone love you?

First fall in love, and begin with Yourselves first! Love yourself, then You know how to love others!

Spread love, and spread happiness! 

Through a smile may be, which ain't gonna cost you a penny; or sending a love quote, to a lover, or to a family member! Pour your heart out through love thoughts and wishes. 

These simple gestures could light up someone's day and might even make your loved ones fall for you!

"Fall deep in love with each other that both together can rise above all odds and difference"

Love Thoughts

Love is not only about sharing physical needs, its about giving solutions to one another's sufferings in their tough time.
Love thoughts 55
One of the greatest success in my life is giving a pleasant feeling for my love till the end of my life.
Love thoughts 54
Even the site of natural scenery will get boring when compared to my girl’s beauty.
Love thoughts 53
Knowingly or unknowingly there are many people I met in my life , but the impact you had created on me had made me even more craze about you.
Love thoughts 52
The girl you love is lucky if your answer is yes to this question“ If your daughter date a guy like you will you accept?”.
Love thoughts 51
Nobody cares how long you’ve been in a relationship , they care & see the way you care for each other even in tough times.
Love thoughts 50
I don’t care about my friend having dozens of girlfriends who are not even loyal to themselves , I care about you , because you are my only girlfriend till the end.
Love thoughts 49
The hair that is grown till your nose makes me more romantic where those climatic seasons could not do it.
Love thoughts 48
Love is one of the way to let all your ego to get rid off from you. Once I started falling in love with you this was I experienced.
Love thoughts 47
There are people who get married early & get divorced early , it is not only about starting a new life as well as keeping the promise till the end.
Love thoughts 46
Love is not only getting closer to her every time, its also about knowing her dreams and helping her to achieve her passion.
Love thoughts 45
If everybody understood the value of true love , I damn sure that there will be no one who seek other people’s affair , that’s why love is so precious.
Love thoughts 44
Falling in love is not an achievement , but keeping it consistent & long lasting till end is the greatest achievement.
Love thoughts 43
Some may have conversations till midnight , but I have conversations past midnight in my dreams.
Love thoughts 42
My heart stopped a moment when I saw your black lavishing eyebrow just giving me the feel that I never had that before.
Love thoughts 41
Don’t chase women ,it is 100% true because I don’t chased you . You are the gift from God to enhance my life with an enlightened path.
Love thoughts 40
The meaning of the words you speak can be understandable to everyone , but the meaning of your silence will be understandable for the person who truly loves you.
Love thoughts 39
Love should not come for the desire of flesh , it should come for the acceptance of beautiful soul.
Love thoughts 38
When a girl shares her problem with you , doesn’t mean she tell wrong about others , it means she trusts and accepts you as her life.
Love thoughts 37
I’m a type of guy who wants a girl to fall in love with my soul, not with my status and money.
Love thoughts 36
We can act like speaking to everyone with love , but with those whom we felt real value of love we can express our real feelings.
Love thoughts 35
There is no need for explaining about guys to a girl , because a girl knows the character of that guy by the way he looks at her.
Love thoughts 34
I didn’t focused on any dating apps for love , rather I’ve focused on my responsibilities as a result God gave me you that I deserve.
Love thoughts 33
While falling in love with you my heart turned from the stage of adulthood to the stage of innocent childhood.
Love thoughts 32
In cinema they show love comes from two beautiful faces , but in reality you showed me that love will come from two beautiful souls.
Love thoughts 31
I still remember that moment when I started stare at you without knowing how to start a conversation with you.
Love thoughts 30
Nothing is happier than this moment , when the person you love loves you back.
Love thoughts 29