Love Thoughts

Romantic Love Thoughts To My Love For A Happy Day

It may be good or bad, thoughts are the essence of living life, send this fantastic love thoughts to your family and friends

Love Thoughts

Struck by love, are you?

They say love can build and love can destroy as well. And there ain't a thing, known to mankind, as powerful as love; 

How do you know when you love someone?

There is no answer to it, You just know it! Love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever felt.

We all very well would know how great it feels to be in love, yet the feeling is indescribable. A million butterflies in your stomach, bounding heartbeats to skipped beats, getting swept off the feet to falling head over heels.

Some say it kills your sleep and your appetite and rents your thoughts. Your mind goes on a vacation while your heart works over time.

It takes over you like a deadly disease, yet sweet. It haunts you day in and day out, and its inescapable, and you wouldn't wanna escape it yet even if you could! 

Love doesn't fit in one universal definition, besides, there could be millions of  love quotes written each day!

What is the best way to describe love?

Each of us have our own way of describing love and it is also said, the love that we have for a lover isn't the same as what we hold for our family. 

Sometimes it is funny to think love comes in all forms - care,  affection, attraction, possessiveness, obsession, and much more - you name it!

What's more crazy about love is that, they call it blind! Poor thing. They say so 'cause You can never predict who would fall in love with whom.

Any one could love Anyone and true love is beyond bias, face-value, caste, creed, religion, age and even gender (these days)! Such is the greatness of love! And it can be best expressed even with a love quote.

'All is fair in love and war'- Love could start wars and love could also end wars, in the end love alone triumphs!

Well well..

What if You can't get yourself to express your love?

It takes you through hell for sure. 

Always say what you feel, after all what is the point in burying it in a secret corner of your heart,while it sets you on fire? 

'Love can make you feel as light as air', but not all the time.

You try hiding it, it could weigh you down for a lifetime, the burden getting heavier, each passing day! Let nothing hold you back! Express your love the way your heart wants to.

Have you ever changed yourself to make someone love you?

First fall in love, and begin with Yourselves first! Love yourself, then You know how to love others!

Spread love, and spread happiness! 

Through a smile may be, which ain't gonna cost you a penny; or sending a love quote, to a lover, or to a family member! Pour your heart out through love thoughts and wishes. 

These simple gestures could light up someone's day and might even make your loved ones fall for you!

"Fall deep in love with each other that both together can rise above all odds and difference"



2019-03-22 13:43:03

Life and Love it is very different my friend life is only you have to face any problem at alone , but love is both love partner are face any type of problem together .



2019-03-22 13:43:15

Life is a beautiful game or other than anything in which we have to play it with full effort and get a success. A good decision maker never fails in any situation. Many people never mind about their sorrows and their ups and downs in their life, because it never give a solution to the problems . a good learner never fails to approach a good things to others in a life. The good thought in our life will lead a good life to our generations.


Venu Gopal

2019-03-22 13:43:36

To all my friends there is a good thought to you. that positive thinking in life is good and we have to adopt as soon as possible. we are friends from so many long years and in between we fight and became friends and many things happen. its same as before. so like that only if we thing positive towards any thing we will not find any thing wrong in that and friendship is the great things that we have to believe each other.



2019-03-22 13:44:02

The challenges in the life are some times not known to us and we should be very particular about knowing the challenges. If challenges are properly dealt in life than there will be lots of happiness and success and we will have lots of enjoyment. The challenges can also be difficult in life and we may have crisis in winning the challenges so we should work properly to over come challenges in the life.



2019-03-22 13:44:03

The life experiences must be studied properly as it will be helpful in gaining knowledge about the life. The experiences are a great source of learning. We should follow the good experiences in the life as it will make us stronger but the bad experiences will make us dull and we may have lots of crisis. The experiences in the life depends upon the different types of incidents and situations that passes in the life.


Sushma bs

2019-03-22 13:44:04

some flowers grow best in the sun & some grow well in the shade. Remember god puts us where we grow best. so always be happy in every situation of life.


Subhas Saha

2019-03-22 13:45:47

Relations should be like two zeroes. When we try to add, they are the same. When we try to subtract, they are again the same. But when we try to divide, it is just impossible.


Kavitha R

2019-03-22 13:46:50

A true and sincere friend is really the medicine of life she is a faithful friend she always advises to lead a noble life, she is always ready to stand by through thick and thin, such friends are very rare i am lucky to have such a friend is my best friend.



2019-03-22 13:47:02

Love is for any age. Love is wishing the day would never end. Love is when wearing his sweater keeps your heart warm , too. Love is when being with you me want to be with you more. Love is someone to show you how to laugh again . Love is saying a prayer to keep him safe . Love is the feeling that compares with nothing.



2019-03-22 13:48:35

Love is the honey in your life . Love is being his number one fan . Love is trusting . Love is what makes everything right with your world. Love is some mouth to mouth. Love is a comforting cuddle when you have had a bad day. Love is heaven , when he holds you in his arms.


Parul Sood

2019-03-22 13:48:38

When someone truly cares for you they make an effort, not an excuse. Sometimes words cannot explain the feeling, but still I can find the love in your eyes. Love is not something you find.... Love is something that finds you. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special. Love unites two souls as one. Love is unconditional. True love is sharing, caring and supporting to each other on the true base of true feelings of heart. Words can give you some way of expressing love but moments of love can be lived by a person in their inside soul.


Kauser Jahan

2019-03-22 13:51:12

I have such a lovely friends with the blessed of the god. I really much like the company of the friends because with their surrounding i learn alot of things. My friends nature is so much helping to the poor people. I am happy that have such a lovely friends. Life is so much full of problem and hard days but if you have friends i thought they can easily be a very generous with you to help you from facing those hard days of life. Friends are those who can understand you better more than any other person in this world. With the company of my friends i really much feel good and positive.


Sikesh Kumar Meher

2019-03-22 13:52:16

Rain is the source of water in oceans, rivers, lakes etc. But this source of rain water there big domain of water is filled as the same manners the friends also be complete when he is filled with good sense and understanding, so friends always try get such kind of friends who are filled with good sense and good understanding.



2019-03-22 13:54:06

The love is a very important aspects of the life and it is helpful in living comfortable and peaceful life. The love increases in the life if we are very kind and have good consideration about others. There should not be any misunderstanding in the love as it will lead to severe crisis and we will be badly effected. The love brings lots of pleasure in the life and we will be able to enjoy a lot.



2019-03-22 13:54:39

Friends are always close to the hearts.They are never separated out.They will be side by side or they may be miles apart but close to the hearts ever.



2019-03-22 13:55:18

The knowledge of life experinces are very important to live a comfortable life and we can develop higher understanding on that basis. The experiences can be some time unknown and mysterious and they can be absurd to us.The experiences must be properly recorded as they are higher source of learning. The experiences depends upon the types of incidents and situations we come across. Its better that we consider good experiences in life as it will make us stronger.



2019-03-22 13:56:06

my thought of today is friendship is never ending relationship with everyone who truly sharing and support with other. friendship make happiness and sometime sharing our feeling and also making funny movement in our day to day life Friendship is not only a particular age its no age limit to friendship with other like 2 age or 200 ages in our life


qumarjabeen manjunath

2019-03-22 13:58:19

A real true friend is who advises him in rightway a real true friend is who defends him in good way and stands beside him a real true friend is who in courage him but never discourage him areal friend is who supports him not decieve him a real true friend is a blessing to him care for him be with him when needed in time a real friend follows him in front and leads him behinds also a real friend is to would do any thing for him to be with him a real friend is like a lover who care about his well being a real friend would not think of money frist he would treasure his friendship more.


Meenakshi Pande

2019-03-22 13:59:10

The love in life is a very strong feeling and it increases with time if we try to live in a proper manner.The feeling of love is very useful in making our life secured and we will be very confident in life.There should be pure love in life and we must avoid any misunderstanding in life as it will bring lots of crisis and problems. The slight absence of love is not good for life.


S Srinivasulu

2019-03-22 13:59:15

Friendship is the one if the relationship still our long life and lives in world nobody can removed this relation that is power of friendship



2019-03-22 14:00:26

If someone really loves you , no matter how many others people they meet, Their feeling for you would not change. A real lover can not be stolen.



2019-03-22 14:02:25

Love between siblings In a family of four where mother father with two kids elder boy and younger girl wake up in the morning here comes the disaster from their younger daughter. Finally the big brother wakes up being irritated by his younger sister now the whole house is upside down. The younger girl cries for her brother to hug her. Both their parents heaved a sigh of relief. her brother was speechless seeing her abnormal character ever since he was young never had his sister came close to him but now she was asking for a hug...


Meenakshi Pande

2019-03-22 14:02:46

The experiences in the life keeps on happening with passing time and we must try to record our experiences properly as it will be helpful in living a comfortable life. The experiences are some times unknown to us and if we are not aware about such experiences than there may be certain problems in the life. The real knowledge and understanding of the experiences makes us perfect also it is helpful in taking right decisions in the life.


G C Mamatha

2019-03-22 14:03:09

A friend is one who nuture like a mother a friend is one who cares like a father a friend is one who protects like a brother A friend is one who loves like a sister A friend is one who shares happy and sad feeling with each other and standby all situations with you not only a lover a friend can be a best soulmate


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:05:18

Everyone has a life. But only few people achieved in their life. Life is a thing to learn always. Who learns always will get more strength to get success. Always have a aim in life. Be hunger about life. Put some efforts to do something. Always be a unique. Normal life anyone can live but being human we need to achieve it.


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:05:19

Life is a very important thing to everyone.What is problem. Why only few are able to enjoy life because they have the initiation in their life. They worked hard to get success. They achieved something in life that is the reason they are always happy. Be a human with ambition that will take you towards the success in life.


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:05:22

Friends are more needed thing in the world to everyone. We can live without anything but no body will live without friends. But before doing we need to understand whether we are doing friendship with right person or not. If we made mistake in doing friendship the person will spoil entire life. Always need to do friendship with right people.