Motivational Thoughts

Best Motivational Thoughts To Make Someone Feel Inspired

It may be good or bad, thoughts are the essence of living life, send this fantastic motivational thoughts to your family and friends

Motivational Thoughts

Is it because of procrastination ?

Wondering what it has to do with motivational thoughts. Procrastination makes you obsolete in your life.

Even the most punctual and well-organized students fall prey to this. So to keep you mentally and physically motivated, it's better you start preparing a schedule.

How to keep-up with the schedule ?

Well it's a piece of cake, I mean both literally and technically. Treat yourselves with some good snack, each and every time you keep with your schedule.

This a good way to cope with anxiety, stress and improves your time-management skills.

How to be a positive and motivated person ?

Fear is one factor that pulls you down, so whatever is it, chin up and take up that task boldly.

Read motivational thoughts of the day and not astrology.

"Believe in yourself, when no one else does"

Look at your failures, insults and at the bad choices you made; not repeat it, but to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes.

Personal Development :

To improve yourselves and to turn into a new leaf, you should be self-aware of your capabilities and your shortcomings.

The life you live isn't a bed of roses rather it is a bed of thorns, so be robust and resilient.

The motivational thoughts and quotes are gonna be the saviour of your insecurities and potion of elixir to keep on moving up.

Unleash the beast :

It's not about being competent in this world, what really matters is to be a better person than you were yesterday .

You should have the sense of direction your life is journeying towards.

All the qualities you have imbibed, motivational thoughts, quotes and books are really going to help you out.

       " Live in such a way that if someone spoke bad about you, no one would believe them. "


ashutosh prabhakar upasani

2019-03-22 13:46:42

every person in this earth is attached to society . even if he wants to leave lonely society cannot leave him alone. every person has a family in this world and he is social to this human world in India. a person cannot leave without family because your family not only gives you financial support but moral support in constraint conditions. so family is most important in every body



2019-03-22 13:48:03

The attitude in the life must be very positive and strong as it will make us happier and comfortable and we will be able to enjoy a lot. There should not be any negative attitude in the life as it will bring troubles in life. The attitude can be some time very disturbing as it will make us slightly weaker in the life. If we want to develop strong attitude in life than we should do learning and studies.



2019-03-22 13:49:53

If you think for a while ,you will realise that life is becoming more and more difficult from crossing the road to passing an exam . But we are becoming more intelligent ,stronger and smarter .we cannot reform the world , but we should improve ourselves by accepting the reality.


Jasmine rupavathi

2019-03-22 13:53:28

God is only one who created this whole world and who is the creator of all of us so we should be happy that we are beautiful because God has created us, God has not only created us but also he have poured many good things in us like the faithfulness, a good attitude and so on so we should not blame god about anything.


Loganathan K

2019-03-22 13:53:59

When we think about some one is not there in our life to guide and help, the reason is that always we thought of only the failure in our life, here the reason and that is the solution for our life to be great, all the problem having their there the failure and as well as the solution to overcome from that is the same.



2019-03-22 13:57:56

The experiences in life are good source of learning and they are helpful in taking proper decisions. The experiences should be properly recorded and studied as they are helpful in increasing knowledge. There can be both good and bad experiences in life and we should consider good experiences as it will make us happier but if we consider bad experiences than we will have lots of losses and we will not be able to recover.


Loganathan K

2019-03-22 13:59:22

Thoughts are the most highest motivational skill that we do have in our selves, It is one of the gift to us while our birth, Here it shows about the thinking act give the thought of doing it or not at the right time. thoughts may be changing according to the fact of the situation and do correct it is more necessary .



2019-03-22 14:01:13

There can be both good and bad experience. If you consider the good experience in the life then our life will be happier and secured otherwise there will be problem.



2019-03-22 14:02:06

Everybody is travelling somewhere daily in thier life.some choose walking and some people choose other vehicles .everybody reach the place anyway but the people who choose vehicles reach it faster than the people who walks .they think this is their success .they may reach the place faster but very soon they become lazy and live an unhealthy life so life is about if we struggle now we will live healthy long living life and if we choose the fastest ways we will lose our lives faster because life is a travel too.


Meenakshi Pande

2019-03-22 14:03:20

There are several types of experiences occurs in the life some are good and some are bad. The experiences can be some times very unknown to us and if we do not give proper consideration than there is a chance that we may have certain problems. Its better that we consider the good experiences in the life if we consider the bad experiences in the life than there will be lots of troubles and we will not be able to recover.


sowmiya laiyju

2019-03-22 14:03:45

Everyday we have to wakeup early in the morning.We have to do our daily routine by making a timetable.Thus we may succeed in our future.In our life we have to think of our success always.We have to step by step achieve our accomplishments in life.Richness may be achieved by luck of people.Time waits for lucky people to be cheerful.Arrange your times with your knowledge seeking methods.Keep giggle on your face always.


Meenakshi Pande

2019-03-22 14:04:06

There are several means of enjoying the life and we should be very enthusiastic about life. The enjoyment increases our interest in the life and makes our life pleasing and wonderful. If we do not enjoy than life will be very boring and than we may loose interest in the life. There should be lots of entertainment in the life. The enjoyment refreshes our life and it will make us a healthier and stronger person.


Aravind Walake

2019-03-22 14:05:20

Attitude is thing to respect someone. In everyones life there should be some amount of attitude. The attitude should be to protect our self respect. But this should not hurt someone. Attitude is character. Few people will have this limited. Few will have more. One who will have more attitude in life they will loose respect in their life.


Pankaj Kumar

2019-03-22 14:12:37

You have to be able to think for yourself to make the decision which is best for you.No matter how you scared the idea dare to choose whether to accept it or not. Put yourself first. If you must be afraid of something be afraid of not thinking.



2019-03-22 14:17:58

the loss man only look in problem for job but the achieve man look in problem finding the different job. that people only grow the life.



2019-03-22 14:19:47

Every one should do yoga in day today life , yoga is very important in life , yoga keeps men cool and solves the problem , and helps to be happy , yoga we can do in home , not only in home we do it every where we want , to be happy in life is very important so we have to work out for atleast one hour a day so all yoga is important in life we should follow it.



2019-03-22 14:20:30

The challenges in the life must be taken seriously and we should always try to overcome challenges in a proper manner. If challenges are not considered in a sincere manner than we may have severe troubles in life and we will not be able to overcome it properly. Some times the challenges are very difficult and we will not be able to recover from it also there may be greater losses from it.



2019-03-22 14:20:37

We all had listen about the life challenges.Life challenges means those challenge and exams which we have to passed to be succed in our life.Each and every person who has taken born on this earth have to face those problems,tension,obstacles etc in their life.For eg A new born baby also starts his fighting with life by moving thier hand and legs for fulfilling thier stomach when he entered in this world.So we should face this challenges strongly and be successful in our life.



2019-03-22 14:21:07

We had listen about the life challlenges.Life challenges means those challenge and exam which we have to passed to be succed in our life.Each and every person who has taken born on this earth have to face those problems, tension, obstacles etc in their life.For eg A new born also starts his fighting with life by moving their hand and legs for fullfilling their stomach when we entered in this world.So we should face this challenges strongly and be successful in our life.



2019-03-22 14:23:03

The yoga in the life improves our health and fitness and we will be able to regain lots of strength in the life. The practices of yoga does not require any higher infrastructure facilities and people of all the age can do yoga easily. The yoga is useful in treating complicated diseases and we will be able to gain lots of comforts. The yoga is a very standard method of medical treatment and also it is helpful in gaining success.



2019-03-22 14:23:22

life experience is a good friend. teaching to best choice of experience. many peoples try to copy others. what is our like choice in living life. life is not about waiting for you. anyone positive to life. time is wonderful of showing us really.



2019-03-22 14:24:09

Observe a Ship, It floats and sails across the mighty ocean as it is above the water, but if the same water enters the ship it sinks, Similarly, we can progress in life despite immense negativity around us, but if the negative thought enters our mind we are bound sink...!! Think twice act wise!!


manimozhi m

2019-03-22 14:24:29

Just observe the larvae of the butterfly.It undergoes so much of pain in life and a lot of changes to become the colourful same as that we have to face a lot of difficulties to come up in life.Life will be so beautiful only when u come across it.


Tanishka kasana

2019-03-22 14:25:00

The most risky thing to do in life is.. Not taking any risk!! It is not possible that we will be happy at every moment of our life but if we dont stop living, then why to stop loving. So live every moment and every second of your life like a last breathe. Say what you want to say, do what you want to do..because no one knows about the next second of their life. So just live it to your last extent.


Raghavendra kumar G N

2019-03-22 14:25:38

Life wilcomplecated.But a guy once he get married to his beloved he must have some understanding wth her.when there is no understanding between husband and the wife life will became like a unwanted thing so be happy with your loved onces and enjoy the life.



2019-03-22 14:25:44

The challenges in life must be dealt properly and we should be able to win challenges in proper time as it will make us happier and prosperous man. The challenges can be some times very difficult and we will not be able to face its properly so it is better that challenges should be over come with lots of preparation. The challenges can be some times very unknown to us and we must be able to know about it.


Mohit Hitesh Parekh

2019-03-22 14:25:47

Parenting tip.... To be given by all parents to there children, to make there children understand living of life by giving example. Always snatch and eat one third of your child