Inspirational Retirement Wishes For A Healthy Happy Life

Sending retirement wishes to your favorite person on a special day is more important to keep up a good relationship

Retirement wishes

Retirement is equal to freedom. I hope you enjoy the things that you do not have before, You deserve all the best things in this world in your retirement years to come. you will be missed, but not forgotten.

Retirement does not mean the end of your active life, you can do things that you always love to and wanted to do, so Enjoy it!.

Retirement is like a never-ending weekend party, may it be even better than you ever imagined. May you have a relaxing new chapter ahead - one where you will have unlimited time for relaxation.

From now on you do not have to put off the things that you have been craving to do. your retirement actually means that you got promoted to one of the best roles in your life

Let peace of mind be yours in your upcoming days. It is a special time for you to fill your days with enjoyment for the rest of your life.

A very special time to look back at your days with satisfaction and look ahead for the upcoming days with anticipation. We are really going to miss you; we will always keep you in our hearts!

I wish that your retirement will be everything you dreamt that it would be. This is another beginning of your life, enjoy your time with family and friends. Hearty Congratulations on your retirement. Congrats! May all your future dreams come true and may your life be filled with joy and happiness, Happy Retirement!

Retirement Wishes

You will have more hours in the day to hope, to dream, to play. Congratulations! You have retired!
retirement wishes 35
Your contributions so far is invaluable, cheers to your well-learnt retirement
retirement wishes 34
Reading books, watching a movie, time with family, travelling around, friends gettogether's, a loving wife what more could make you happy? Start you retirement with cheers
retirement wishes 33
You fulfilled all your professional ambitions, now its time for some personal desires. Kick start your retirement with childness in heart
retirement wishes 32
May you celebrate every days with smiles, joy and peace. May you lead a healthy happy life. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 31
Congratulations! May you enjoy your retirement, May the coming half of life is full of happiness. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 30
May this new session give you a thousand reasons to smile, May you stay Happy always. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 29
Wishing you Good Luck, it's a new Start, May you feel free yourself. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 28
Congratulations,now you are becoming your own Boss, There is no order for you. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 27
May your coming life be full of happiness as before, May you have satisfaction. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 26
You have worked hard, This is an award of Rest for you. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 25
May you feel relaxation, Your devotion is always an inspiration. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 24
Congratulations on the beginning of holidays, Enjoy your life free of mind. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 23
Wishing you a healthy and happy life, May you stay blessed. Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 22
Congratulations! May you enjoy the new chapter of life, Happy Retirement.
retirement wishes 21
Its a stop for all the commitments and pressures. Its start for all the fun and happiness. Enjoy your retirement
retirement wishes 20
In the up coming days of retirement let health wealth joy and love stay with you always
retirement wishes 19
Thank you for all the endless motivation and persistance you gave me. May you have a tremendous days of retirement
retirement wishes 18
Its time to open all the unfolding opportunities that is waiting in your path. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 17
Count your success, cherish your memories and lead a peaceful happy healthy life ever after. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 16
During this retirement you deserve a life of peace, rest, happiness and joy. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 15
May all the lessons learnt help you, may all the knowledge gained stay with you. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 14
For all the hard works you have done, for all the sacrifices you have made, the time has now arrived to enjoy the fruit of relaxation and peace of mind my loving father. May you do all that you wish! Happy retirement
retirement wishes 13
The time has come to be with your wife just like you were before years. The time has come to follow your heart not the mind. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 12
Let your new chapter be happier than the first. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 11
Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 10
Retirement is not the end of the road it is the beginning of highway. Happy retirement
retirement wishes 9