Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Dear And Near Ones

Sending wedding anniversary wishes to your favourite person on special day is more important to keep up good relationship

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary – The day of remembrance of Love, Joy and Happiness.

Importance of Anniversary

As a couple anniversary reminds “They did it, they made it, so they are here” to celebrate their anniversary. 

Here “they did it” which states, as a couple both of them who travelled in different paths & goals.

Now they are in a position to travel in a single path by making some sacrifice for their couple life. So they did it.

“They made it” which states, as a couple on their wedding they will be doing some vows and promises.

That leads to happy and successful marriage life. So they made it.

“So they are here” which states that, by crossing some hurdles and by doing many sacrifices.

Living the rest of the life for others happiness and also standing by their side. So, as a couple they are here to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Love completes a woman. A woman is incomplete without a loving and caring husband.

Every woman expects a Humble Unique Soul Beloved Amiable Noble Discerning man.

When life has overwhelmed. Husband is a person who gives reassuring voices. His words of wisdom will help her come out of that hectic situation.

He knows how to encourage her, raise her spirits and to make her feel good. 

On the day of your anniversary thank your husband for being your biggest cheerleader.

For letting you to chase your dreams and desires.

Thank your husband for making you laugh and forgot about your worries.

Thank him for valuing your opinions, thoughts and suggestions.

Thank your husband for being the best provider and leader.

At last thank him for teaching you how to be more patient, to listen, to be grateful and to communicate better. Finally thank him for being your side and made you a better person

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Characteristic to cherish femininity are gentleness, empathy, sensitive, caring, sweetness, compassion, tolerance, deference.

While playing the role of wife as a woman her responsibilities has doubled up. To enlighten your wife cherish her on your anniversary day.

Marriage is not the bed of roses neither bed of thorns.

A person is himself responsible for making his or her life either the bed of roses or the bed of thorns.

A Woman who is having strong support from her husband can face any type of world wars.

As a husband make her feel special on that day by doing crazy things for her. By greeting her, by surprising her, by writing an anniversary wishes letter for her.

Tell her how important she is to you.

Thank her for making your house as a home.

Thank her for giving the meaning of a family, and thank her for the best experience you gained in your love life. At last make your anniversary day as memorable one.

Reason to celebrate anniversary

Celebrating doesn’t show the world that love and marriage still go hand in hand. It nourishes the love within you.

Express the love and tell them how important you are to them.

This anniversary marks another milestone in your relationship.

Recollect your vows and promises cherish yourself. So it’s a way to maintain the flow of positive energy high in your marriage. Celebration can nurture your relationship.

Finally celebrate your anniversary day with more joy and with lots & lots of love.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy wedding anniversary to my dear ones. May the precious love between you both always bloom in grace. Stay as the same lovely couple forever and more
wedding anniversary wishes 20
Little fights like tom and jerry, a romance like titanic, a bond that lasts more than a lifetime. With a cluster of wishes and never ending friendship we wish you both a marvellous wedding anniversary
wedding anniversary wishes 19
May you always feel the warmth by each others smile. Always take time for a walk and talk a while. Get to know the deep down of each other, to enjoy the kindness of love forever.
wedding anniversary wishes 18
Nothing in your life can be beautiful than your marriage. Happy wedding anniversary
wedding anniversary wishes 17
Happy wedding anniversary to the young new couple. Hope the spark enlightens each other, wish you both feel special to each other, Best of luck to make the rest of your life magical.
wedding anniversary wishes 16
For the rings you have exchanged, for hearts you have stolen, for the love you are sharing, grow string like roots, high like sky and uncountable like stars. Happy wedding anniversary to the lovely couple.
wedding anniversary wishes 15
To my friend, sending you a note to convey that all your single life has come to an end, and its time to hold your soul in hand for the rest of your life. Happy wedding life
wedding anniversary wishes 14
Wishing you many years of togetherness and unconditional love to each other.
wedding anniversary wishes 13
Understand each other even during silence, share love to each other even during tough times, life can show you the deepest meaning of love. Happy wedding anniversary
wedding anniversary wishes 12
May you both grow older and happier with more love and pleasure. Tolerate each others naughtiness, expand your heart with warmth, have quick ending fights and endless love.
wedding anniversary wishes 11